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  2. Thanks for your effort all these years.
  3. Many thanks There's one new story in Danica's World that's making its way through the editing pipeline. It's mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but "One Whore's Town" is a pseudo sequel to Lowborn following Betty, one of the prostitutes who set out to open their own brothel in "Stingy Pussy" at the end of the story. 9 chapters, over 90k words, so it will take a while to edit. It is done, however. Just needs the old rub n' buff. A peripheral character from Lowborn gets a starring role, there's a whole load of new interesting characters, and just maybe some familiar faces New Darkni solo story also moving along ( which is one of the stepping stones to eventually writing the two long stories that bridge the gap between the coming of age stories and the later ones after freeing Egoria in my Nobles by Deed series. ) As always, SOTM gets a little love here and there. Some days may just be reading back through what I've written, tweaking, and musing when to bring threads in, but it does make slow forward progress in written words.
  4. Hi! Absolutely love the world you've created around Danica and the Sisters of the Mist. Eagerly look forward to completion of SOTM or any other works in this setting. You are an awesome world crafter and writer!
  5. And now live on Literotica! Ad banner for there. https://literotica.com/s/step-in-the-right-direction
  6. And up on Lush! Ad banner for there for variety. https://www.lushstories.com/stories/taboo/step-in-the-right-direction
  7. Brand new taboo erotica is now live on Storiesonline! John's marriage is on the rocks, but he's really not doing much to move toward the exit. His stepdaughter Jilly provides some rather compelling inspiration to move on with the next chapter of his life in "Step in the Right Direction." https://storiesonline.net/s/29797/step-in-the-right-direction In the queue at Lit and Lush as well.
  8. The combined trilogy just went live on Lit as "Working Breakfast" https://literotica.com/s/working-breakfast
  9. And on Lush https://www.lushstories.com/stories/mature/curl-figure
  10. Live on SOL https://storiesonline.net/s/29745/curl-and-figure
  11. A divorced sawyer is already having a wonderful day when a pretty little country girl comes by looking for some wood in "Curl & Figure" Now live on Literotica! https://literotica.com/s/curl-and-figure It will go into the queue at Lush and SOL in the morning, and I'll update with the links when that happens.
  12. And, going live on Storiesonline now! https://storiesonline.net/s/29734/stuffed-and-basted
  13. As I've been musing this epilogue, it's starting to feel complicated to write, and truthfully feels as if it needs to be its own story. I don't know that it will ever get told ( as there's no larger conflict encompassing it like OWT... At least in my head right now ) but I think that's what's causing me to struggle. So, I've more or less decided that I'm going to move that first scene of 10 to 9, which will make it a great deal longer than any other chapter, but oh well. I'll probably tweak the ending of that scene to make it feel just a bit more grand, and then the story will be ready for editing. I'm in the process of submitting finished stuff as RR right now, but this is on the docket.
  14. After some hiccups, part 3 is live on Lush. She's not satisfied with just a taste, and he's perfectly happy to oblige in "All Full" https://www.lushstories.com/stories/quickie-sex/all-full
  15. Stuffed & Basted is now live for the Literotica Winter Holiday contest! Her son's friend is going to make sure she's well stuffed and basted this Thanksgiving. https://literotica.com/s/stuffed-and-basted
  16. And part 2 is now live on Lush. He promised her sausage after breakfast, and she isn't waiting any longer in "Getting Her Sausage" https://www.lushstories.com/stories/quickie-sex/getting-her-sausage
  17. Had another flash of inspiration, and this one is about to become a trilogy of around 1500 word quickies. The sequel is already done, and called "Getting Her Sausage". The finale will be "All Full" With three of them together, I think they've got enough meat on the bone to post to Lit and SOL as an anthology as well. Just have to figure out what to call them collectively.
  18. Had a quickie pop in my head and finished it same day. It's 1500 words and now available on Lushstories. He's stuck working from home on his day off, but his wife thinks he needs to take a break and "Eat Something". https://www.lushstories.com/stories/quickie-sex/eat-something
  19. Just finished a Milf story called "Stuffed & Basted" for the Literotica Winter Holiday contest maybe an hour ago. I was looking for something in my folder to work on for a little while to get that story out of my head before I give it a quick edit, and came across another story I'd started a while back. I just put the finishing touches on "Curl & Figure" as well. It was damn near done the last time I put it down. Older country boy with a pretty little redneck girl. Stuffed & Basted will probably be out in the morning, because I'm going to put it in the queue for the contest before midnight. Curl & Figure I'll probably give a few days, so I can give it a more thorough edit. I'll give S&B some exclusive time for the contest as well before submitting it to SOL and Lush. So now I need to dig through the folder again and look for something else to work on for about an hour or so
  20. If you like the Guardians of the Galaxy series, do not miss the Guardians Holiday Special on Disney+ It is 100% in universe with the films, 100% a genuine Christmas special, and hilarious. Right up there with No Way Home as best thing to come out of Marvel ( and adjacent ) this year, as far as I'm concerned. If James Gunn can actually bring the kind of consistency and love of the characters to the DCEU, it might have a renaissance. And if Gunn isn't directing or at least heavily involved in the production, the Guardians series needs to end with the upcoming Vol. 3. There's just too much risk of it going off the rails and tainting the legacy. Jerry Seinfeld that shizznit. Walk away while it's on top. Go watch it.
  21. And finally live on Literotica: ( With the banner I'm using there ) https://literotica.com/s/catbird-seat
  22. Live on Storiesonline https://storiesonline.net/s/29661/catbird-seat And on Lushstories: https://www.lushstories.com/stories/facesitting/catbird-seat
  23. And finally live on Lit. I'll throw up Lit's ad banner on this one. https://literotica.com/s/side-hustle
  24. Had a flash of inspiration and tweaked then finished a short dirty tale that I'd started writing some time ago for the Facesitting category on Lush. Couple with a lot of kinks have an 18 yo neighbor who is forever flirting with the husband. One night, he comes home, expecting more of the same, but gets surprised by the little minx showing him a picture of their cat in the window, and blackmails him over the no pets clause to sit on his face. Little does she know that she's playing straight into their kinks. Likely be out at Lush and SOL tomorrow, and then a couple of days from now on Lit.
  25. Live on Lush. Guess I'll add the forum ad I'm using there for this post. https://www.lushstories.com/stories/milf/side-hustle
  26. Live on Storiesonline! https://storiesonline.net/s/29626/side-hustle
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