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Here's a quick, barely edited preview of "Pot Head"

Rob rolled up to his parents’ house and pushed his mountain bike into the shadows by the porch. With his younger sister soon to turn eighteen and heading off to college in the fall, his parents were milking her remaining time at home for all it was worth. This week, it was a ski trip to Colorado.

He was going to take advantage of every moment he could.

Unfortunately, his weird work schedule meant that he was flying solo, but it wasn’t all bad. He’d scored two primo joints, and after a long frustrating work week, mellowing out in one of his parents’ deck chairs and staring at the stars was just the ticket. The nearest neighbor was well out of sniffing distance, so he didn’t have to worry about that either.

Of course, it was still best if nobody noticed him, so he didn’t have to use his prepared excuse if his parents asked. To that end, he unlocked the door and headed through the house. There was just enough light filtering through the curtains from the security lights to guide his way through the still-familiar environs, so he didn’t bother turning on a light. He reached the sliding glass door at the back and was about to open it when he heard the murmur of voices.

“Holy shit,†he muttered under his breath. There in the hot tub were three of his sister’s friends, passing a joint around, and they were all topless.

He hadn’t seen any of them for more than a few seconds – and at a distance – since leaving for college. What a difference four years had made. Despite the changes, he knew them all instantly.

Trish had let her dark brown hair grow out, and it looked good on her. What looked even better were her tits. They were big enough to make a man do a double take, but even without support, they stood firm and proud.

In contrast, Renee had cut her red hair shorter. As with Trish, he liked the change. Her tits were smaller, but they were perfect teardrops, and oh-so perky.

Becca had won the boob lottery. Her tits hung heavy, but gravity hadn’t had much time to take a toll in the few years since they’d sprouted. She was a year younger than his sister, and her features framed by her brown hair still had a touch of girlishness to them.

That was all he could see in the dim light from a distance, but it was more than enough to cause a significant stir in his shorts.

A dozen thoughts flitted through his head in the space of a heartbeat, and he seized on one of them. The girls had frequently been brats to him in the many sleep-overs with his sister. He smiled as he thought he had the perfect means of revenge, and a chance for a bit closer look.

Decision made, he slid open the door. The girls were so engrossed in their quiet conversation that they didn’t notice him for three full steps. When Trish caught sight of him, the others saw her panic and reacted as well. Rob couldn’t help but grin as the three rushed to hide their tits and the joint.

Becca, who had been holding the joint when he exited, was at a disadvantage. She had to hang the joint over the back of the hot tub, and she had a lot more to hide. He was still getting a fair eyeful of her as he walked over to a deck chair. One detail made the situation even sweeter. The girls had stripped next to one of the other deck chairs, and it was far enough away that they couldn’t reach their clothes without climbing out of the tub.

Trish was the one to speak up. “What are you doing here?â€

Rob chuckled and gave them an incredulous look. “I used to live here, and I still have a key. The question is how you got in here.â€

The three glanced at each other, and some silent communication passed between them. Renee then answered, “Tracy snuck us the key to the back gate.â€

“You’re not going to rat us out, are you?†Becca asked while pulling her arm from behind the tub. It revealed the joint, but let her slip her exposed breast beneath the water.

“Nah,†Rob said as he sat down, and then reclined on one of the deck chairs. The move eliminated the view, but offered a chance of more, if he played his cards right. “Smells like skunkweed.â€

“Are you just going to sit there?†Trish asked.

Rob grinned and said, “I just got comfortable. Think I’ll relax for a while.†With that, he pulled out one of his joints, gave it a sniff, and then reached in his pocket for a lighter.

At the revelation of the joint, the scowls decorating the girls’ faces faded. A quiet conference ensued while Rob lit up his blunt.

Renee was the one to ask, “Any chance you might share that? We only had the one for all three of us, and like you said, it wasn’t very good.â€

Rob slowly exhaled, and then said, “Damn, that’s the good shit. I might, if someone wants to come over and take a hit.â€

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