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Coming In Third Preview

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A quick preview of "Coming In Third".  Will likely go up at SOL and Lush tomorrow, with a release at Lit whenever they get around to it LOL  It's been pretty inconsistent there lately.




Dave caught up with his friends’ go-carts when they slowed down after finishing the race, and prepared himself.

“Getting rusty, there,†was Will’s first jibe.

Carl opened with, “Coming in third isn’t bad.â€

“Except when there’s only three,†Will finished.

Dave grinned and shook his head. “Ha ha. Excuse me for getting a real job and not spending all my weekends here, like you two losers.â€

“Losers? Weren’t you paying attention? We won,†Carl taunted.

“Speaking of paying,†Will said. “You’ll be paying for lunch, I believe.â€

Dave pulled off his helmet. “You see, that’s where I win. If I’d beaten you idiots, I’d be eating lunch off the dollar menu at McDonalds. At least this way, I get a decent meal.â€

“Yeah, yeah, moneybags,†Carl teased.

The three had fallen into the easy comradery almost instantly, despite not having seen each other in five years. They continued to joke and taunt each other as they returned the go-carts, and all the way to the diner Will and Carl had chosen for their victory meal. Having just finalized a bitter divorce, it was exactly what Dave needed to lift his spirits.

He knew why they had chosen the diner and not Red Lobster the moment they walked into the place. All the servers were hot young girls. Hardly one to argue with that choice, he enjoyed the scenery while they ate and caught up.

Their server was a strawberry blonde with big tits, and she brushed up against him more than once during her frequent stops at their table. She was flirting for tips, but she was also giving great service, so it was going to work on him.

“Anything else I can do for you?†she asked on her next stop.

“Thanks, but I think we’re good,†Dave said. “You can bring the check.â€

“Back in a jiff,†she answered before strutting back to the counter.

“There’s something she can do for me. Damn,†Will muttered. “You know, I hate you sometimes, Dave. Bet you could be in her pants in three seconds if you wanted.â€

Dave shrugged, put on an exaggerated expression of confidence, and said, “What can I say?â€

“Asshole,†Will chuckled.

Then Carl asked, “Do you know who that is?â€

Dave and Will both shook their heads.

“That’s Amy Farber’s daughter, Caitlin,†Carl explained.

In an instant, the nagging sense of recognition that had struck Dave the moment she walked over to the table made sense.

“Oh, shit,†Will said. “Amy Farber. You banged her and her mom.â€

It was the incident that had forever cemented Dave’s reputation as the biggest player in town, all those years ago. He had dated Amy for a couple of months, and they’d gotten into an argument over something he couldn’t remember, resulting in her breaking up with him. That night, he’d happened upon her hot mom exiting a bar, and one thing had led to another.

Amy had shown up at his place to apologize just as her mother was leaving with an unmistakable, freshly-fucked look about her.

Carl said, “Just turned eighteen five days ago.â€

Dave said, “Damn, Carl. Keeping track, are you?â€

They all chuckled briefly, but stifled it and tried to look natural because Caitlin was returning to the table. She handed over the check, and Dave wrote down a thirty-five percent tip before handing it back, along with his credit card. Caitlin’s eyes – and her smile – both widened when she took the check back to the counter.

“Give her your number?†Will asked.

“As if I need the drama of an eighteen-year-old,†Dave answered. “Got enough of that from my ex-wife.â€

“What drama?†Carl asked suggestively. “You’re only in town for the weekend. A day of drama for a piece of that sounds like a good deal.â€

They all laughed, and Dave couldn’t resist a good look at her swaying ass when she left the table after returning his card, but messing around with a barely legal teenager was not in his game plan for the weekend. Heading back to Carl’s house for a couple of beers was.

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