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Just a few stories that are coming soon.  Recording this here as much for me as anything else.  LOL


Just finished a hot little MILF tale for the Literotica Nude Day contest.  It's called "Her Own Skin" and I'll start editing it in a couple of days.  With any luck, it will be out there by the end of the week, and everywhere else not long after.


I have another in progress.  This one is for the Lushstories Summer contest. ( can't remember the exact name )  It's yet another MILF tale called "Hooters"


Finally came up with an idea of a short to pair with "His Gift" for the Ebook here on my website.  I really didn't feel like writing another straight cuckold/wittol story, so I was at a loss.  Then, I realized there was another unfilled category at Lush that meshes up nicely — Femdom.


Not sure when I'll start it, as I have a lot of other things on my plate in not only this name, but as Les and Dark as well.  It will be called "Her Flock".  I think anyone that enjoyed "His Gift" will like it as well, so it's a good pairing for the Ebook on my website.  I know many find cuck stories offensive, so this will allow them to skip that Ebook entirely, and not miss anything they might like.


Another that is in the planning stage has actually been there for a while.  The original concept was simply not coming together, because the setup felt too unrealistic.  Yes, coming from someone with the pen name Reject Reality, that's a little strange.  LOL  


In thinking about my unfilled categories at Lush, I realized the basic concept ( the title, specifically ) could work in the Teen category there.  So, eventually, "At Heaven's Bate" will by my entry in that category when I get to writing this short, voyeur tale.

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Damn near forgot that I also finished the first draft of a story for the "Occupations" category at Lush called "Fill 'Er Up".  It's next in the editing queue after "Feather and Scale" as Les.


It was originally slated as a Lush-Only short, but it's over 4k words, and I haven't put out much at Lit this year, so I think I'm going to post it at least there.  A lot of my early RR stuff is about that length, so it won't be completely out of sync.  I think I'll go ahead and post it to SOL as well.  What the heck.  Haven't tested anything short there recently.


Just nailed down the basic framework of "At Heaven's Bate" this morning, too.  I was trying to come up with the right location for the story to work, and I have it.


Should be a lot coming out soon.

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First draft of "Hooters" is done for the Lush "Sizzling Summer" contest.


While it's sitting and simmering for a couple of days, I think I'll work on that new Darkniciad story, as well as start "Her Flock".  May as well get the second story to match with "His Gift" for the Ebook, so it doesn't hang out there as long as Lotion Motion did.


It's going to be an almost all sex quickie, so it probably won't take long.


"Hooters" will fill the outdoors category at Lush.  "Fill 'Er Up" just filled occupations.  "Her Flock" will fill Femdom.  "At Heaven's Bate" will fill Teen.  I have a story called "Wingman" in the planning stages for the uniform category.  'Invited" is planned to fill the Bisexual category.


Probably won't be long before I have at least the "Prolific Writer" badge, working my way toward "Omnium".


"Invited" will be Bi-male, so it will wait until I've filled the Gay Male category, and be paired with that for the Ebook.  Still not even an inkling of what I'm going to write for GM.

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Plans change.  LOL


Once I finished "Her Flock", I realized that the best way to fill two other, similar categories, was to continue with those characters ( and some new ones ).  So, the one I'm working on now is "Feeding Her Flock" which takes place the next day, and will fill the BDSM category.  It concentrates on the B for Bondage, and fulfills the fantasy Kayla touched upon in the first story — creampie eating.  So, if that's not your thing, you'll probably want to skip that one.  LOL


The next story after that will fill the spanking category, and is called "Taming Her Flock".  This one is all female, so those who aren't into the female dominating male thing may enjoy it more.  It's a natural extension of something touched upon early in "Feeding Her Flock"


The series could continue after that, but that's the last of my ideas, driven by the desire to fill categories.  I hadn't come up with anything for them previously, so I'm jumping on the brainstorm.


The plan after that is to move to the other category fillers mentioned above, with breaks for Milf fun, contest stories, and anything else that might pop into my head.

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