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I thought about putting this in the "More" part of my work listings, much the same as the cover browser, but decided that eventually, I'm going to have to recode the whole site for some updates.  I may as well just do this bit from scratch, rather than having to adapt something I've already coded once.


So, for the curious, I thought I'd post the images I use in my forum signature to advertise my stories posted to Lush.  It's been through an evolution, moving to larger banners in the present time, with some of the older banners being smaller.  So that's the difference there.


Lush doesn't allow oral/genital or genital/genital contact in signatures, so I've had to do some tricky editing to make some of these work.  LOL  I typically also hide nipples, just because.  Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size banner.









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