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Bridging the gap in "Nobles by Deed"

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Posted 12 May 2019 - 10:00 AM

Thought I'd post a topic about this, and the progress that's being made toward bridging the gap in "Nobles by Deed"  there's always been a big old hole in the middle of the timeline there.  There's a group of stories taking place early in the life of the characters, and then a group of stories after they've freed Egoria.


I feel that the early stories for all the characters need to be told, in order to fill in that gap.  One trilogy with Darkni is already in progress, beginning with "Facing Destiny".  The second story in that trilogy "Gates of Enchantment" is in progress now.  The third story is called "Something Familiar".


Those early Darkni stories ( taking place a few years earlier than the other Nobles history, because Darkni is the oldest of the companions ) contain a great deal of world history, as well as Darkni's.  "Facing Destiny" fleshes out the origins of the Great Crater, where Fightershaven is situated.  "Gates of Enchantment" is delving into the history of the Protectorates of Armand, where Danica and Devan are from.  Lots of Easter Eggs for the Arts Ardane stories in "Gates of Enchantment".  "Something Familiar" will take place in the Western Baronies, where Zoraster is from and "The Forge" resides.


That trilogy sets up Darkni for a story where he teams up with Mindblind.  Simultaneously, there's a new Thakkor and Alicia story that's going to happen.  Those two stories will end in the same taproom of the same inn, and are the launching pad for "Rage of a Goblin King" ( Still a working title, but one that's seriously growing on me, despite it being only one word off from a Raymond E. Feist title )


Rage is where most of the companions first meet and team up to free Normandal from the grip of a goblin infestation.  The lessons they've learned and the forces they've gathered push them toward a grander, and more dangerous quest — facing down the forces of Draxnog to free Egoria from his talons.


Once I tell that story, the bridge is complete.  "King Thakkorias" takes place shortly after the freeing of Egoria.


I still need to flesh out the other companions with history, though.  Saggitariad has appeared in only the briefest cameos within Danica and SOTM.  Vladamir only brief cameos in "Lowborn", Danica, SOTM, and Blackhawk Hall, though I do establish a critical element or two of him there.


I believe I've nailed down the early history story for both of them.  Those then need to be followed up with "Growth" stories that push them closer to where they are at the time of Rage.  I'll likely write a history story for Saj's wife Carol Darkholme as well.  Darkni's wife is covered in Rage.  Then there's a later story after the freeing of Egoria, taking place even earlier than "King Thakkorias" about Saj and his wife called "A Thief N' the Knight".  It takes place as they're journeying from the capital to take over as Duke and Duchess.


There's another Arts Ardane story as well.  Prior to Rage, Devan is the first of the Ardane sisters to meet Zoraster.


Just thought I'd post this up, so everyone knows that there is a plan to bridge that gap.  It won't come quickly, as anyone who follows me knows, but it is creeping that way.  I'm constantly opening SOTM and trying to get back into the right frame of mind to continue that story as well.

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Posted 07 November 2019 - 02:26 AM

Had a flash of inspiration today for a story about five years after Lowborn, centering mainly on Betty, one of the prostitutes from that story.  She, Alice, and Cammie have manage to build something of an empire in Windsholme ( which they called Stingy Pussy ) with not only a large brothel, but an eatery, their own private residence, a separate house for the prostitutes that work for them, and a large house for the assortment of orphans they've taken in as workers, or simply because the girls couldn't turn them away.


Betty has developed an itch to strike out on her own, as was more or less the plan for all three of them eventually.  She's been researching, and found a really small town without much going on about a day's ride away from Windsholme, which is near a couple of major trade routes.


What she doesn't know is that there's already a lady of the evening who claims it as her own.


It's called "One Whore's Town" and the tagline is "It's not big enough for the both of them."


I do love my wordplay.


No idea when it will be finished, but I've put my notes file together.  No doubt it will get worked into other stories, at least at an easter-egg level.

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