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2019 Clitorides

Reject Reality

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Nominations for the 2019 Clitorides Awards are underway.  Go nominate your favorite authors or stories from authors who post on free sites.




Descriptions of the categories can be found in the FAQs and linked from the nomination form.


So far as mine go, Innocent Blood is the only story I have eligible as LesLumens ( Short, Seasonal, Fantasy )


As RR, from any site, and all classed as "short"


At Heaven's 'Bate

Hung by the Chimney ( Seasonal )

Leigh Ride ( Seasonal )

Old Man Winter

Quick & Dirty Fix


To The Rescue (Gay/Les/Gender Bend)

Weight Of It



As RR, from Lush ( due to posting date, exclusivity, etc. ) and all classed as "short"


Rim Fire

Bored Out

A Belated Gift

Parting Gift

Coming In Second

Tit For Tattle

Whistle Blower


As Dark and Les, anything older than 2014 other than Dark's version of "Home by the Sea" is eligible for Classic Clitoride.

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