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Finally getting some sparks again

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Nothing written yet, but I'm starting to get some sparks of creativity again.  I went digging through a folder of free for non-commercial use images I downloaded off an art website EONS ago and started tinkering with some of the more promising ones.  They're all too small as is, so I'm going about resizing, cleaning up, and placing them on my standard cover image size templates.


I'm particularly proud of this one:










Best colorizing of a black and white image I've ever done.  Really happy with it, and it should eventually make a nice cover for a story.  Might save it for a Dark/Les story, because that's what I use most of these images for, and I hate to use anything that doesn't have modern clothing for a story set in the real world.

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Well, that technique I used on the first one keeps on working.  Did a few more.  Not all of these are BW/Sepia to color conversions, but they're all mods to make the originals suitable cover images eventually.


post-2-0-82858800-1608819176_thumb.jpg post-2-0-75508400-1608818507_thumb.jpg


post-2-0-84681200-1608819210_thumb.jpg post-2-0-79673600-1608818535_thumb.jpg


post-2-0-26261600-1608818671_thumb.png post-2-0-87628900-1608818576_thumb.jpg


ETA: I damn near forgot I'd actually used that first one for Betty on one of the chapter images for "One Whore's Town".  It will be a small image, so I'm not opposed to using it later in a full cover, though.

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When you actually have an idea.  The setup works.  It ticks a box. ( fills a Lush category I haven't hit yet )  You get the sex scene going, and it's hot.

Then you realize that neither character is remotely likeable or redeemable, and there's no really good way to end the damn thing.


3k words, which is more than I've written in months, over the course of a few hours last night and then this morning...  And not a damn thing I can do with it.

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Well, in addition to One Whore's Town as Dark, I've also got a couple of RR stories that have been making progress.  One is a rare multi-chapter story that's up to ch. 3 already, recently picked back up.  Another partially finished one I've picked back up is nearing completion as well.

I'm mainly concentrating on OWT, but when I'm just not feeling that, I work on those two.

Crossing my fingers that I'll actually have something to post reasonably soon.

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