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Two more in the pipeline.

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Just finished a Milf story called "Stuffed & Basted" for the Literotica Winter Holiday contest maybe an hour ago.  I was looking for something in my folder to work on for a little while to get that story out of my head before I give it a quick edit, and came across another story I'd started a while back.  I just put the finishing touches on "Curl & Figure" as well.  It was damn near done the last time I put it down.  Older country boy with a pretty little redneck girl.

Stuffed & Basted will probably be out in the morning, because I'm going to put it in the queue for the contest before midnight.  Curl & Figure I'll probably give a few days, so I can give it a more thorough edit.  I'll give S&B some exclusive time for the contest as well before submitting it to SOL and Lush.

So now I need to dig through the folder again and look for something else to work on for about an hour or so :)

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