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Bad taste in my mouth

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I accepted Lush's decision to remove incest stories from the site.  Doesn't really matter one way or the other to me.  I've stood up for the moderators and the site in general through the whole nasty affair, and on numerous other occasions.


Then I log in tonight to see a thread filled with moderators mocking people who have been undeniably harmed by the decision -- and posted in an administrative section of the forum.


I never entertained the slightest thought of pulling my stories and my support from the site through the nastiness of the last couple of days, but it's an option that's certainly on the table after seeing that thread.  Seeing moderators gloating and mocking members that way is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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And my opinion is sinking fast.  A subtle hint that the administrative forum might not be the best place for this sort of thing was met with more moderator mockery.


If you only read me on Lush, you might want to make note of the other places my stories are available ( including here as Ebooks ) 

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Well, Lush was down for hours when I got home the other night, which is probably the only reason I'm still there.  I was too disgusted at the time by the way the administration was making light of members who had been ill-used to give any benefit of the doubt.


By the time the site finally went live, things had changed a little.  For one, they'd moved the thread out of the administrative section.  After interacting with those involved, I've come to believe it's possible they were simply clueless as to how those posts were going to be received.


Note that I said possible.


My participation and support for Lush is still on shaky ground.  It's not going to take much of this sort of behavior to send me packing.


What really grinds my gears is I've stood up for the moderators many times in the past when people have accused them of favoritism and cliquish behavior.  The most recent one was shortly before this whole mess with the deletion of the incest category happened.


And honestly, the whole category deletion feels very much like they knew it was necessary to allow those stories to build traffic.  Then, when they reached a point where things were going well enough, they dumped the "degenerates" because they had served their purpose.


I certainly won't be recommending Lush to people, ( as I was doing even just before I saw the thread that so irritated me ) defending the site/administration, continuing my gold member support, or providing exclusive content to the site any time soon.

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The decision isn't trending so well thusfar.




That's the day they decided to nuke the category.




And that's today, almost a month later.


Quite the steady nosedive.


Lit in the meantime has trended upward.  The movement is smaller, but it's always going to be on the top end of the scale.  The closer you get to the #1 ranking, the slower you move.  That's why SOL has such wild fluxuations near the bottom of the scale.


I use asstr as the classic comparision here, because they've been steady in about the same range for as long as I've been writing, despite the site being unstable, outdated, and lacking in user-friendliness.


It looks to me like Lit is benefitting greatly from Lush's decision.  What remains to be seen is whether Lush can stabilize and rise again on pure quality.  The rules and restrictions at Lush mean that a lot of edgy kinks simply aren't viable there.  I've had to make changes to even my fantasy world stories in order for them to post there, and some of them are only up because they were specifically allowed by senior moderators.


The thing they've got going for them is a higher quality of writing due to minor errors being edited by moderators and major errors never seeing the light of day.  The moderation team is large enough to read every story closely, catching most of that.


We'll see, I suppose.


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