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One Sticky Situation Preview

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I started writing this immediately after "One Incredible Costume", but ended up deciding that it didn't really feel like a sequel without the costume element.


When I looked at the almost finished copy today, I decided to go ahead and release it as a website exclusive.  It's in editing now, so here's a quick preview.




When I stepped into my bedroom on the Monday after Halloween, there was a surprise waiting for me.
My face warmed and I quickly closed the door upon seeing a pair of red and black panties lying on my pillow.  It was a very tangible reminder of All Hallow’s night, when my daughter’s best friend had seduced me into a night of wild sex.  She had been wearing those panties as part of her costume, and I could vividly remember peeling them off her.
Though Amy had spent a fair amount of time at the house over the weekend, she hadn’t provided the slightest clue of what had happened between us.  I was glad for it, because the last thing I wanted was for my daughter Dani to find out.  Amy had put on such a good show that I was beginning to believe she was trying to forget about it.
The panties dissuaded me of that notion.
I was wondering when she’d snuck in and left them when I noticed a folded piece of paper next to them.  I crossed the room, picked it up, and let out a chuckle when I saw the imprint of her lips at the bottom of the note.
It read, A little something to remind you.
I hardly needed anything to remind me of that unbelievable night, but the sight of them certainly brought it back to me in even more vivid detail.  I ran my fingers over the satiny crotch before picking them up and could almost feel the heat of her pussy beneath.  After adjusting my stiffened member, I put away both the panties and the note in the top drawer of my nightstand.
After changing out of my work clothes into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, I made dinner and kicked back on the couch.  The DVR had a nice selection of things I’d recorded waiting for me, leaving me with no shortage of entertainment for the evening.
Dani and Amy came in the front door at a little after five, when my daughter got off work.  They both said hello as they passed by, much as they had done hundreds of times before.  I expected Dani to take a shower, and then the pair of them would head out on the town.
As expected, I looked over my shoulder when I heard her bedroom door open and saw Dani walk into the bathroom.  The door had no more closed than Amy stepped out into the hall.  Our eyes met and she smiled as she walked toward me.  Entranced by the swaying of her hips, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.
“So, did you see them yet?†she asked as she sat down next to me.
“Yes.† I nodded toward the bathroom.  â€œDani could come out any minute.â€
Amy scoffed at that and said, “She’s going to be in there at least twenty minutes.  I thought about leaving them for you that night, but eww.  I washed them.  Hope you don’t mind.â€
I shook my head, and then said the only thing that came to mind.  â€œThank you.â€
She moaned and said, “Thank you.  I swear I’ve had nothing but lousy sex lately.  Until the other night, that is.  You really got me good.â€
“Same here,†I said.  I was having a great deal of trouble keeping my hands off her.
“There was something I wanted to do that night, but I got interrupted.  Not that I minded.  But I still want to.â€
A groaning sigh escaped me as her hand settled in my lap.  Just the sight of her had started my manhood rising, but that touch hastened it tenfold.
“I really want to suck you off,†she said while caressing my erection.  She leaned in closer, her voice a whisper directly in my ear.  â€œI want you to explode in my mouth.  I love that.â€
“Christ, Amy,†I groaned.
She chuckled while worming her fingers beneath my sweats and underwear.
“Amy, Dani could come out and see us.â€
“What?†she said, ignoring the warning to wrap her fingers around my cock.  â€œThe chance we could get caught doesn’t turn you on?â€
As I throbbed in her grasp, there was no denying that was true.
“You don’t think I can suck you off before she comes out?  That sounds like a challenge.â€
A turn of her wrist pushed down my pants enough to expose the swollen head of my cock sticking out of her hand.  I had every intention of stopping her.  That was still my plan even as her head dipped into my lap.
It didn’t happen.
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