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Anon comment from left field

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was loving it, then...

you blew it. Sticking in that bit about her losing the wager and lying about it so she could anally violate her boyfriend by deceptively taking advantage of his sense of fairness was unnecessary and contributed nothing positive to the story, in my opinion. It brought this story from a five to a one. I would've enjoyed her fessing up, and him being understanding, even letting her use the toy on him because he appreciated her dedication to maintaining honesty in their relationship. Anal rape, on the other hand, sickens me. And by deliberately deceiving him in order to guilt him into granting consent ("let's just forget about it" is not sufficient to eliminate the element of coercion via guilt, just as it wouldn't be in a date rape scenario), Natalie raped Gene. I've no doubt many will find this position to be without merit; nonetheless it is a position which aligns with current legal precedent regarding rape in several states, and multiple nations.


Got this comment a couple of days ago, and it just blew my mind.  If that's how the reader feels, then that's how they feel, but... Wow.  I just don't see it.


What this comment is saying is that if she had won the bet, then all's fair.  The exact same scenario playing out is fine.  If she had admitted that she lost the bet and everything else played out the same, it's fine.


Because she cheated and didn't actually win the bet -- even though she didn't get caught -- it's rape?


"Coercion via guilt" just doesn't make sense to me.  Natalie didn't even try to collect on her end of the bet.  She was doing her best to pretend it never happened.  Gene forced her hand by bringing it up.  If anything, the guilt trip is going both ways.


Never mind that he ended up loving it, and that he got his "prize" as if he'd won the bet as well, and she ended up loving it.


I strongly suspect the reader never got that far.  The moment she reluctantly ( and that's important, because that's what happened ) collected on her win, he backed out and left this comment along with a 1-star vote.


Like I said at the beginning, if that's how the reader felt, that's how they felt, but I don't agree even in the slightest with the opinion.

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