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Vicki Cleans Up preview

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Here's a quick preview of "Vicki Cleans Up", which is being entered in the Lushstories "Money Talks" contest.  It will go live on the other sites sometime next week.




I was already standing by the door when the bell rang.  The fantasy that had been floating around in my head for two months was finally coming true.  I was excited – even a little nervous – as I reached for the doorknob.
She smiled when I opened the door, making an already beautiful face framed by blonde curtains all the more stunning.  The rest of her was just as wonderful.  The low-cut white top she was wearing revealed ample cleavage, and the cloth clung to her curves, leaving little to the imagination.  Her short black skirt likewise showed off gorgeous legs.
“Mr. Reynolds?†she asked.
“Yes, but please call me Seth.â€
“Seth, then.  I’m Vicki from Natural Clean.  I believe you have an appointment.â€
I held the door open and stepped out of the way.  â€œYes, please come in.â€
Vicki grabbed the handle of her cleaning cart and pulled it inside after her.  I openly admired the sexy way she moved, because there was no reason not to.  The sound of her high heels clicking on the floor sent a shiver up my spine.
She stopped at the center of the front room and pulled a clipboard from her cart.  â€œIf you’ll just sign this and have a seat, I’ll get started.â€
There was a great deal of text, but the only thing I was concerned about was the line on the bottom.  I signed and dated it without reading a word.  When I handed it back to her, she gestured toward the couch.  I took a seat and prepared for the show.
She was still wearing that stunning smile when she grasped the tail of her top.  The dream I’d had ever since reading an online article about nude maid service was finally coming true.  I drank in every moment as the cloth slid upward.  The fair skin of her midriff appeared below the line, and then her navel.  When the rising top revealed her lacy white bra, I had to adjust my hardening cock.
Her top pooled into a basket atop the cart, and she wasted no time reaching behind her back.  I saw the band go slack, and throbbed in anticipation of what was to come.  I wasn’t disappointed.
I’m sure that by cup-size, she wasn’t particularly busty, but on her trim frame, her tits looked huge.  They were firm and perky as well.  The rosy circles surrounding her nipples contrasted her skin tone to good effect, and I was mesmerized by every jiggle.
Next came the zipper on the back of her skirt.  I let out a quiet groan as I heard it sliding down.  She then hooked her thumbs beneath the waist of the skirt and turned around.  The black of her skirt gave way to the white of her panties as she pushed down.  The cotton barely covered her round ass at all.  She bent low to slide the skirt down her legs, and I swear I saw a slightly darker spot in a very interesting location.
Two clicks from her heels sounded one after the other as she stepped out of her skirt.  She didn’t straighten as she did so, letting me admire the play of her muscles with her butt still thrust toward me.  I gave my raging hardon a squeeze.
When she stood back up and faced me, her eyes dropped to my hand between my legs.
“Do you mind?†I asked.
“That’s not going too far, I suppose,†she answered while dropping her skirt in the basket.  Then she slipped her thumbs beneath the cotton of her panties.
I took in a slow, deep breath as she pushed them down.  A thin line of hair emerged, culminating in a downward pointing triangle.  I certainly didn’t need the arrow to draw my attention, but I appreciated it anyway.  The cotton continued its journey past her thighs, and down her legs.  As her panties neared her knees, she had to bend, giving me a fine view of the top of her breasts.  Then she stooped down and pushed until the cotton dropped to her ankles.
I got my first peek at what the arrow was pointing at when she lifted her foot and twisted it, deftly extracting it from her panties.  The next peek was a little longer when she lifted her other foot, bent her knee, and plucked the last garment from her ankle.
“Would you like the shoes off or on?†she asked while dropping her panties in the basket.
I answered, “On is fine,†but the truth was that having her walking around stark naked in those high heels made her look even sexier.
She nodded, and then pulled a long-handled duster from her cart.  â€œWell, let’s start at the top then.â€
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