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Like Riding a Bike Preview

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Here's a quick ( unedited ) preview of my Nude Day story for Literotica's contest.  I'm aiming for it to come out on Thursday night/Friday morning.




Jeremy nearly blew beer out his nose when Brad cracked an unexpected joke.  He swallowed and sputtered a few times, but managed to avoid an embarrassing display.  His friends were all laughing too hard to notice.
It was nice to go to a party and have fun again – something he hadn’t really done since Nancy had dumped him just before graduation the year before.  College had been enough of a challenge to keep his mind off things, but with the return of summer, that had changed.  It was time to get back in the game.
He downed the last of his beer and said, “Be right back.â€
When his friends nodded, he headed toward the bathroom.  The door was open, and nobody was passed out in the floor.  That was a bit of a surprise, considering the party was winding down and there were bodies sprawled everywhere.  Upon finishing his business, he opened the door to a surprise.
“Hey.  I haven’t seen you in forever,†the brunette said as he stepped out of the bathroom.
“Hey, Ann,†he said, breaking out into a wide smile.  She’d come on to him once at a party, but he’d resisted because he was with Nancy, though it took no small amount of effort.  Even though he hadn’t left the front room, he couldn’t believe that he’d missed her.
“Heard you broke up with Nancy.â€
“Good move.  She’s a total bitch.â€
“Can’t argue with that.â€
She laughed, and then asked, “What are you doing on Monday?â€
Oh hell yes!  Relax.  Play it cool.  â€œDon’t really have anything planned.â€
“There’s a charity bike ride for breast cancer at Sprite Lake.  Want to come?â€
He started to answer, but then something dawned on him.  â€œIs that the nudist camp?â€
She giggled.  â€œUh huh.  It’s a nude bike ride.  The sponsor is making a big donation to breast cancer research for every rider, plus more for every mile people ride.  Not scared to get naked for a good cause, are you?â€
The way she fluttered her eyelashes at him could have melted him on the spot.  â€œNope.  So, it’s Monday?â€
“Uh huh.  Starts at eight in the morning.  See you there?â€
“Yeah.  Guess you will see me there.â€
She laid a hand on his shoulder and laughed.  â€œI need to get in there before I head home.â€
Damn, he thought, having hoped to spend a little time with her.  â€œNeed a ride home?â€
“Becky’s coming to get me, but thanks.† She nodded and said, “I really need to go to the bathroom.â€
“Yeah.  Sorry.â€
She waved as she closed the bathroom door.  Realizing it would look creepy if he was waiting for her, he returned to his friends.  She came over and said, “Monday,†in a sing-song voice before going to meet her friend at the door, prompting immediate questions – and then kudos – from his friends.
For once, he couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over.
It was the last thing he would have ever expected, but driving down the tree-lined road to the nudist camp had his nerves on edge.  In the end, it was only the promise of seeing Ann naked that kept him from turning around.
“Here for the bike ride?†the man at the gate asked when he stopped.
“Okay.  Everyone has to be nude beyond the parking lot.  Here are the camp rules.† He handed over a flier.  â€œYou can pick up the number for your bike at the table down by the lake.  You can’t miss it.  Happy Nude Day.â€
“Happy Nude Day,†he responded as the gate went up, though he’d never heard of it before.
He could see a large gathering of people down near the lake as he parked, but it was far enough away to be little more than a blur of skin and reflections from bicycles.  The place was pretty nice from what he could see – better than most of the campgrounds he’d used over the years.  After putting the car in park, he looked over the flier.
Rule number one, which was stated in bold letters, said that no overtly sexual contact was to happen in public spaces.  Kissing was allowed, as were hugs, hand-holding, and any other familiar touch that would be acceptable in a public situation. Erections were frowned upon, but not strictly against the rules unless purposely displayed in a rude and offensive manner.  Everything else mirrored rules he’d seen for other campgrounds.
He knew the bout of nerves wasn’t going to calm down if he sat thinking about it.  So, he climbed out of the car, bit the bullet, and stripped down.  It was getting close to eight, so he knew he would have to hurry to find Ann before the start.
The first test of his mettle came as he was pulling down his bike.  A pair of older women walked up from the campground in his direction.  They looked to be in their late thirties, and both were in good shape, with nice tits.  They made absolutely no effort to hide that they were admiring him, and even smiled when he made eye contact.
“Happy Nude Day,†they both said as they passed him.
He responded in kind as he sat his bike down.  A moment later, he caught them both looking over their shoulders at him, and they certainly weren’t making eye contact – unless he counted old one-eye.
It was exactly the sort of encouragement he needed.  He strapped a bag onto his bike, which contained a few essentials like his phone, and slid a water bottle into the holster.  He was glad for one special modification he’d made from the moment he climbed on his bike.  A bicycle seat and bare skin were two things he was certain weren’t going to go well together.  An old t-shirt and a zip tie had taken care of that problem.
The ride down to the lake revealed the truth of the picturesque location, and more amenities of the campground.  He saw cabins with air-conditioning units, large open-air shower facilities, well-appointed campsites, a concession stand, and more.
He also got a closer look at the other people in the camp.  A few were scary sights indeed, though he’d expected that.  His gaze did linger on quite a few nude women of various ages while scanning the crowd for Ann, though.
When he did spot her, he had mixed feelings.  Her tits were everything he had imagined, and she even turned to give him an incredible view of her ass as she talked to the people around her.  One of them was an equally welcome sight, because Becky had a great body as well.
The half-dozen naked guys were the problem.
“Over here,†Ann called out when she spotted him.
He put on a smile and tried to think positive as he rode toward her.
“I thought you’d chickened out,†she said as he came to a stop.  She glanced between his legs for a brief moment and her smile widened.
“Nah.  Nice day for a ride.â€
She pointed and said, “Better go get your number over there at the table.  They’ll be starting the ride soon.â€
“Be right back.â€
As soon as he climbed off his bike at the table, the guy there pointed at his seat and said, “Smart move.â€
Jeremy chuckled and said, “Yeah, I didn’t like the idea of sticking to the seat.â€
“Here you go,†the man said, handing over a laminated paper number and three zip ties to attach it to his bike.  â€œThat’s so the counters can keep track of how many laps you’ve made.  Every mile is another donation.  Hang it from the handlebars and loop the longer one around the neck.â€
“Got it.â€
“I see you weren’t the only one who thought ahead,†the guy said, and pointed at someone approaching.
When he turned to look, Jeremy couldn’t believe his eyes.  There, pushing her bike toward the table was Nancy’s mother – stark naked. 
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