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Something Afoot Preview

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Here's a quick preview of "Something Afoot".  Obviously, since I just finished the first draft, this is completely unedited.

I had just pulled up to the apartment I shared with my sister after a trip to the grocery store when I got a text from her. I shut off the car and checked the text before climbing out.

“I know it’s so weird, but don’t forget my tampons. Please?â€

I shook my head and chuckled. Little did she know that my ex-girlfriend had broken me of that phobia. It seemed that every other month she would run out, and I’d have to go to the store for her, to an aisle no man should ever venture into. Other than the sex, it was probably the only good thing to come out of the relationship.

“Already have them. Just got home from the store,†I texted back.

“Sorry to make you go through that, but thank you.â€

The store was out of her way coming home from college, but something else wasn’t. “As long as you pick up the free pizza on my account, and it counts as my turn cooking, we’re even.â€

“Done. I should be home by five.â€

That saved me from having to make something for dinner that evening. Happy with the outcome, I gathered up the eight bags of groceries on one arm, and headed for the apartment. Unlocking the door proved an adventure as usual, but I was determined not to make more than one trip. It was a matter of male pride, and doubly necessary because I’d just bought tampons for my sister.

The place was clean, which was the big plus since Becky had moved in with me. In her last year of college, she was tired of the dorm life. I had an extra room, couldn’t stand the thought of her having to move back in at home, and I’d always got along with her, so her cleaning up and pitching in when she could worked out for us.

Of course, we were both between relationships at that point. I wasn’t looking forward to the weirdness that was sure to happen when one or the other of us hooked up.

Once the groceries were put away, I kicked back and enjoyed my reprieve from cooking duties by watching the last couple of episodes of a series I’d started binge-watching over the previous weekend. Becky would have been pissed if she found out that I watched them without her, but I wasn’t dumb enough to let her find out. The credits rolled with five minutes to spare, and I looked forward to playing it cool when we watched the shocking conclusion together in a couple of days.

Sis arrived with the pizza, and I flipped the box open almost as soon as it hit the coffee table in front of the couch.

“Pig,†she teased as I took the first bite.

“Nag,†I answered with a mouthful of pizza.

She made a gagging sound and said, “Gross.â€

The doorbell rang, and before I had time to wonder who it could be, Becky explained, “Vera’s coming over to borrow a book.â€

That was one of the disadvantages of living with my sister – the regular stream of her hot little coed friends dropping by. Becky and I had made an agreement years before, while still living at home, that dating each other’s friends was off limits. So the parade of hotties was nothing more than cruel temptation.

Vera was a particular weakness. The redhead was a year older than Becky, and had a smoking hot body. She also loved to flirt with me, knowing I couldn’t do anything about it.

I knew I was in extra deep trouble when Becky opened the door to reveal Vera in a pencil skirt, open-front jacket, heels, and stockings. She looked incredible – classy and sexy – but it was the stockings that were the real kicker. I’ve got a serious thing for stockings and feet. Don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t tell you if I tried. There was no denying it, though.

“So, how is it going at the new job?†Becky asked as she let Vera in.

It was all I could do to eat my pizza and feign disinterest as the redhead’s heels clicked on the tile in front of the door.

Vera answered, “Not too bad. I’ve made a couple of friends, and haven’t screwed anything up yet.â€

I’d been waiting for it, and sure enough, she turned toward me.

“Hey, Andy. Have you been hitting the gym?†she asked, and then made a sultry meowing sound.

I rolled my eyes, feigning indifference, and said, “Hello, Vera.â€

“God,†Becky laughed, and then said, “Come on,†while walking toward her room.

“I just want to borrow him for a few minutes. Or maybe an hour. Or two,†the redhead said as she followed my sister. It earned her a playful slap as they walked in the door, followed by them both breaking out into laughter.

Yep, Vera is pure evil.

The book changed hands, and Vera left, but not before blowing a kiss to me on her way out the door.

“She only does that because it embarrasses you,†Becky said when she plopped down on the couch and grabbed a slice of pizza.

“It doesn’t bother me, so she’s wasting her time,†I lied.

“Oh, that’s why your ears are as red as stop signs, huh?â€

Maybe I should amend that to women are evil. Even – or maybe especially – sisters.

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