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What's on the burner

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I've got a few stories on the back burner.  No clue which ones will get moved to the front, whether they'll stay there until done, etc.


"Quick N' Dirty Fix" is a Milf office sex tale.  Most of the setup was done long ago, but I abandoned it when the transition into the sex wasn't going smoothly.  The last time I picked it up recently, that transition wasn't working out any better for me.


"Quite Neighborly" is a group sex tale.  I'd already written the setup quite some time ago, and made the transition into the sex.  All this one needs is to finish what will be a long sex scene.


I'm trying to get every first letter represented by every pen name, and I was missing Q as RR LOL  So, there have been a couple started.  Eventually one of them will finish and fill in that alphabetical gap.


"Three Cheers" is a quickie triple blowjob story.  Still in the concept stage.


"Jessica's Rabbit Hole" is about a woman from the neighborhood named Jessica Coney.  Redhead, hot, last name means "rabbit".  Naturally, everyone called her "Jessica Rabbit".  Unfortunately for all the guys drooling over her, she was a lesbian.  Our protagonist has been friends with her since fifth grade.  He's about to find out there are some few and far between, very specific exceptions to her lesbian status.


"Air T-N-A" is a exhibitionist voyeur story.  There's this incredible house that's available as a resort, but only by invitation, and only to hot young women.  The place is absolutely filled with cameras.  The price drops and the perks increase with nudity.


"At Heaven's Bate" is about an aspiring filmmaker and a neighborhood girl he's always crushed on, but never asked out.  When she wants to make a masturbation video and comes to him...  Still in concept stage.


"Reel to Real" is about a guy who used to do porn years ago, and since he got divorced, he's had to go back into the biz to make ends meet.  The best paying jobs for a man his age are father-daughter porn.  The title probably gives away the rest.


I've got several different concepts running for another incest tale, all quite similar.  I'm fiddling with each of them, trying to figure out which one will eventually flow.  One is girlfriend introducing his mother.  One is middle-aged brother and sister renewing an incest relationship from college, only to find out his daughter and sister have been at it too.  Another is girlfriend bringing his sister into the fun.


Depending upon which one flies, how long it is, etc., any of those could end up as a Les story.


Currently, I'm working on "Quite Neighborly" whenever I take a break from SOTM as Dark.

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