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30 June 2018 - 09:44 PM

Got a little frustrated, trying to think of scenes to put in there to solve my time zone problem in Ch. 21.  Certain scenes need to happen at night, so I need to pass time.  I also need to figure out new ways to end other scenes, because they don't pass enough time.


In the end, I decided to put it away and work on a few other things.  RR shorts, and the follow-up to "Serpentine Destiny" for example.


Now, I decided that stepping back into the world from a different angle might be the thing to get me going.  So, I started working on the next story in the Darkni tales that are eventually going to lead to the hole in my timeline where my characters free Egoria.  This tale is called "Gates of Enchantment" and it shows the beginning of several important elements of Darkni's eventual power.


It's also absolutely rife with Easter Eggs.


Only 1600 words in, there are cameos from four characters from various Arts Ardane stories, and numerous locations.  It's primarily set in Destindale and the surrounding region.  There are even more Easter Eggs to come, as the storyline has ties to elements of "Kampar's Wand".


It's also going to provide some deeper history for the Protectorates of Armand.  There are ties to Darkni's lineage, and those are going to lead into the story that follows this one.


Despite all that, this story is also going to have plenty of hot sex, and a lot more action than the previous Darkniciad tale as well.


It's flowing well, and waking up my thought processes to Danica's world again, so that should bode quite well for getting back to work on SOTM.