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In Topic: If you've been trying to register...

19 January 2020 - 04:21 PM

After a barrage of likely spam registrations, I've managed to get a captcha up and working.  If you have any problems, get hold of me through Lit, SOL, or Lush.  If you're the person who already did that and you're still having issues, drop me another line and I'll just manually add you while I deal with fixing it :)

In Topic: First spammer

01 January 2020 - 05:39 PM

Just looked for the first time in a long time.


In 2016, 5038 spam registrations were blocked by the primary spam blocker.  In 2017, they must have been slacking, because I only got 4995.  In 2018, they came back in force with 7366 blocked registrations.  Last year, it was 9349.


Already up to 11 for the year since midnight. 

In Topic: Bridging the gap in "Nobles by Deed"

07 November 2019 - 02:26 AM

Had a flash of inspiration today for a story about five years after Lowborn, centering mainly on Betty, one of the prostitutes from that story.  She, Alice, and Cammie have manage to build something of an empire in Windsholme ( which they called Stingy Pussy ) with not only a large brothel, but an eatery, their own private residence, a separate house for the prostitutes that work for them, and a large house for the assortment of orphans they've taken in as workers, or simply because the girls couldn't turn them away.


Betty has developed an itch to strike out on her own, as was more or less the plan for all three of them eventually.  She's been researching, and found a really small town without much going on about a day's ride away from Windsholme, which is near a couple of major trade routes.


What she doesn't know is that there's already a lady of the evening who claims it as her own.


It's called "One Whore's Town" and the tagline is "It's not big enough for the both of them."


I do love my wordplay.


No idea when it will be finished, but I've put my notes file together.  No doubt it will get worked into other stories, at least at an easter-egg level.