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  1. Version 1.0


    Christi is very pregnant and even more frustrated. Reading between the lines of her letters, Arilee figures this out and journeys back to Blackhawk Hall to find out the source of the Duchess' problems, and to help in any way she can. The source of Christi's frustration is one Ari is more than happy to help with, and something she can share as well. A sexy tale from the Nobles by Deed series, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  2. Version 1.0


    Rick picked the perfect time to take vacation from work. There's no better time to be inside in the air conditioning than during a record breaking heat wave. Unfortunately, his beautiful young neighbor finds herself without power, and he can't bear the thought of her sweltering in her mobile home that way. Once she spends the night, there's an entirely different form of sweltering going on.
  3. Version 1.0


    Alicia was born to wealth and station - a merchant princess - yet feels trapped in her life. When ensnared in a foul plot to ruin her father, she proves she's no wilting flower willing to accept her fate and escapes her kidnappers. Lost and on the run, a stranger named Thakkor helps her find her way home. That is far from the end of their journey together, though. A flagship title in the Nobles by Deed series, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  4. Version 1.0


    Vanille never thought she'd be making ends meet by selling homemade ice-cream from the back of a truck, but she's making the best of the situation. When an offer that seems too good to be true comes in, she accepts despite the catch that the event is at a nudist resort - and that she has to be nude as well. It's far from the final surprise she's going to experience from the trip, however. An Editor's Choice winner on Lushstories.com, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  5. Version 1.0


    Giving in to the pressure from his mother that he has to go on one last family vacation, he's at least lucky enough to have his own room, rather than bunking up with his younger brothers. A late night encounter with an attractive older woman leads places he usually only daydreams about. He's coming home from this vacation with far more than a lousy t-shirt. A hot MILF tale, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  6. Version 1.0


    Denethia is smitten with him. He's older, handsome, and charming beyond anything she ever imagined. Caught up in the spirit of the Harvest Festival, she both hopes and fears that he'll take her away to teach her the secrets of what men and women do alone in the shadows. Having fallen into his trap, she is caught up in a Harvest of Blood that will forever stain her soul. A black tale of necromancy, servitude, and revenge, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  7. Version 1.0


    Not even thirty years old yet, Christine finds that all the spark has gone out of her sex life. She's at a loss until she sees a handsome young man in the store and feels the old excitement that hasn't visited her in so long. The only problem is that the handsome devil who has so stirred her arousal is her nephew, Adam. The beginning of the Adam series, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  8. Version 1.0


    An unattractive, desperate wizard uses his magic to steal coin, hoping to purchase the services of a woman at the local bawdy house to slake his lust for the evening. As it happens, he stumbles across a cupid of Erotine, the goddess of lust, who is too busy with his latest conquest to pay proper attention. Stealing the bow, the wizard plans to use its power to obtain for free that which he desires. When the theft is discovered, a cupid of the goddess of love and the goddess of lust must work together to retrieve the immortal weapon. A twisting, turning, and light-hearted tale of fantasy, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  9. Version 1.0


    Adam is missing his Aunt Christine while she's off visiting his sister at college. That turns him to cruising the nude chat sites, and much to his surprise, he stumbles across his long-lost cousin Becky there, going by the name Cynthia on cam. As soon as Christine finds out about it, she starts scheming. When the secret of why Becky's family fell out of touch comes out, it's a wide-open door that Christine can't wait to walk through. The second volume of a naughty taboo tale, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  10. Version 1.0


    A tearful call from her niece Lynn interrupts Christine's reunion with her nephew, who is home from college. Hurrying to get in one last night of passion before Lynn's arrival, they have no idea that she's arrived early. When Lynn reveals the secret of what she's seen, even more secrets come to light that are very interesting indeed. The third naughty, taboo tale in the trilogy, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  11. Version 1.0


    Devan is frustrated beyond belief that she hasn't been able to achieve her dream of joining one of the magic schools in Destindale. Fortunately, she's managed to find both employment and a friend in Lorelle, who runs a shop dealing in herbs and magical paraphernalia. The fortunate sale of an expensive spell component sends Devan and Lorelle on a journey to acquire more in the company of a scarred warrior named Matusen. It's far less fortunate that he as an unwanted traveling companion in the form of the Kampar, Darmok Tinkettle. The journey proves fruitful in more ways than one. A tale from the Arts Ardane series, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  12. Version 1.0


    As the only female student in the school, Devan is subject to a great deal of strife from the male students and faculty. When a potion blows up in her face, she's almost certain that she knows which of her rivals is responsible. The only woman teaching at the school offers to share her quarters, solving the immediate problem, but another arises hot on its heels. With the campus closed due to accusations of magical theft, Devan can't sate her sexual needs in town, as she has become wont to do. A discovery about her rival leads to a solution, and along the way, she discovers something about herself that's going to make her life very interesting. A tale in the Arts Ardane series, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  13. Version 1.0


    Renee has a serious problem when the computer at her charity thrift store gets a virus. Fortunately, her neighbor is willing to loan her son, who has the tools and the knowledge to help her out. When she catches him checking out her butt, one thing leads to another, and she discovers that he has a tool he's even better with. A hot tale of a younger man rocking a MILFs world, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  14. Version 1.0


    Ever since the father he's named for passed away, Chance has been the man of the house. Forced to lean on each other through the difficult years, they've become incredibly close, and that remains as they realize a dream his mother and father had for years. The move to Florida proves a threshold that will send them hurtling headlong into an even closer relationship. A taboo tale of a second chance, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  15. Version 1.0


    With the death of his wife, Dean Lanza and his daughter Julia are finally free from a life ruled by religious zeal. They're also finally free to have a relationship again, which is something his wife denied them from the moment Julia reached puberty. With new doors opening in their lives, they have no idea just how close they'll become. A taboo tale of love suppressed, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  16. Version 1.0


    Justin has been the man of the house ever since his father ran out on the family. With the holidays approaching, his mom has finally regained a lot of her old self. The closeness they've shared has evolved for Justin, though. Seeing her dressed for work in stockings is what finally pushes him over the edge. He's not the only one who has had an awakening, though. A taboo tale of Christmas joy, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  17. Version 1.0


    Zach has always had a thing for his sister-in-law, and never thought his jerk of a brother deserved her. When she gets pregnant due to a broken condom, his brother leaves little doubt of that by abandoning her. The family all but adopts her and disowns him as soon as it happens. She's heavily pregnant at the annual Labor Day celebration, and to Zach, she's even more beautiful. When he offers to run her home because she's uncomfortable in the heat, he knows it's going to be a bittersweet duty. Little does he know the gifts this Labor Day will bring. A hot, romantic tale of second chances, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  18. Version 1.0


    Andrea has had a crush on the IT guy since the first moment she saw him. She has a moment of panic when he doesn't show up to work one day, but soon discovers that he's only taken a couple of days off to move into a new place. When she gets home, she finds out that new place is right next door to her - and much more. A Nude Day quickie, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  19. Version 1.0


    Alan can't believe his luck that the young woman he gave a chance and helped get on her feet has turned out to be the best assistant he's ever had. With an important new contract on his plate, he needs her now more than ever. Little does he know how much Holly appreciates it - and him. A sweet tale of doing the right thing and reaping the benefits, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  20. Version 1.0


    An elderly wizard is doing his best to summon up the magic necessary to give a gift he's provided to the local community every year at Yule time. The years have taken there toll, and he simply can't contain the power to make it snow in a region that rarely sees it. A flash of light reveals a man who claims to be someone he and his wife are certain is a myth. He tells them that he can help them provide the gift of snow, and much more. With that glimmer of hope, they agree to visit with him and his wife to learn more. A non-erotic tale that explains the origins of my fantasy world's version of Santa Claus - Grandfather Yule. Now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  21. Version 1.0


    Devan is young, in love, and a virgin. Education and encouragement from an older girl steadily erode her fears, and she begins to explore her sexuality with her boyfriend, Nevin. In these three short tales, she experiences her first touch, first taste, and gives him the greatest gift she has to give. A triad of website exclusive short stories about sexual awakening, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  22. Version 1.0


    Jake's happy to see his mom finally getting over the divorce and finally having some fun. He's even happier that she's spending a lot of time with her friend Sherry, because she's a fine looking woman. He's surprised when he comes home late one night to walk in on Sherry masturbating on the couch. Even though he's not 21, he can't help but want a taste of Sherry after that enticing sight. A hot cougar tale, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  23. Version 1.0


    Karen is about to score a coup over her biggest PTA rival, and she can't wait to see the look on the woman's face. She nearly has a panic attack when the fireman she's arranged to come speak is far younger than she expected. Fortunately, Leo knows what he's talking about, and good at engaging the kids. With a resounding victory under her belt, she's happy to provide him with a copy of the video she shot of his presentation. Once back home, she can't help but notice how sexy the young fireman is, and that he seems to be checking her out as well. The closeness lights a three-alarm fire of desire within her, and to her surprise, he's ready to come to the rescue. A Milf fulfills her fireman fantasy in this tale, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  24. Version 1.0


    Matt's having a rough time of it. With an unfaithful girlfriend behind him and the looming specter of college in front if him, he's not feeling very confident about the future - or anything. Fortunately for him, he's about to learn that good deeds sometimes pay very sweet dividends. A sexy tale of the fey folk, now available for download to your Kindle reader.
  25. Version 1.0


    Ella and John are engaged, and about to spend their first Earth Day together since he learned the secret of her dryad heritage. The world can be a cruel place, though, and the young lovers must hold on to each other when it seems everything is against them. A romance in a world of dryads and fairies, now available for download and offline reading in cross-platform RTF format.
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