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Found 4 results

  1. Just a few stories that are coming soon. Recording this here as much for me as anything else. LOL Just finished a hot little MILF tale for the Literotica Nude Day contest. It's called "Her Own Skin" and I'll start editing it in a couple of days. With any luck, it will be out there by the end of the week, and everywhere else not long after. I have another in progress. This one is for the Lushstories Summer contest. ( can't remember the exact name ) It's yet another MILF tale called "Hooters" Finally came up with an idea of a short to pair with "His Gift" for the Ebook here on my website. I really didn't feel like writing another straight cuckold/wittol story, so I was at a loss. Then, I realized there was another unfilled category at Lush that meshes up nicely — Femdom. Not sure when I'll start it, as I have a lot of other things on my plate in not only this name, but as Les and Dark as well. It will be called "Her Flock". I think anyone that enjoyed "His Gift" will like it as well, so it's a good pairing for the Ebook on my website. I know many find cuck stories offensive, so this will allow them to skip that Ebook entirely, and not miss anything they might like. Another that is in the planning stage has actually been there for a while. The original concept was simply not coming together, because the setup felt too unrealistic. Yes, coming from someone with the pen name Reject Reality, that's a little strange. LOL In thinking about my unfilled categories at Lush, I realized the basic concept ( the title, specifically ) could work in the Teen category there. So, eventually, "At Heaven's Bate" will by my entry in that category when I get to writing this short, voyeur tale.
  2. Here's a quick ( unedited ) preview of my Nude Day story for Literotica's contest. I'm aiming for it to come out on Thursday night/Friday morning. ==================== Jeremy nearly blew beer out his nose when Brad cracked an unexpected joke. He swallowed and sputtered a few times, but managed to avoid an embarrassing display. His friends were all laughing too hard to notice. It was nice to go to a party and have fun again – something he hadn’t really done since Nancy had dumped him just before graduation the year before. College had been enough of a challenge to keep his mind off things, but with the return of summer, that had changed. It was time to get back in the game. He downed the last of his beer and said, “Be right back.†When his friends nodded, he headed toward the bathroom. The door was open, and nobody was passed out in the floor. That was a bit of a surprise, considering the party was winding down and there were bodies sprawled everywhere. Upon finishing his business, he opened the door to a surprise. “Hey. I haven’t seen you in forever,†the brunette said as he stepped out of the bathroom. “Hey, Ann,†he said, breaking out into a wide smile. She’d come on to him once at a party, but he’d resisted because he was with Nancy, though it took no small amount of effort. Even though he hadn’t left the front room, he couldn’t believe that he’d missed her. “Heard you broke up with Nancy.†“Yeah.†“Good move. She’s a total bitch.†“Can’t argue with that.†She laughed, and then asked, “What are you doing on Monday?†Oh hell yes! Relax. Play it cool. “Don’t really have anything planned.†“There’s a charity bike ride for breast cancer at Sprite Lake. Want to come?†He started to answer, but then something dawned on him. “Is that the nudist camp?†She giggled. “Uh huh. It’s a nude bike ride. The sponsor is making a big donation to breast cancer research for every rider, plus more for every mile people ride. Not scared to get naked for a good cause, are you?†The way she fluttered her eyelashes at him could have melted him on the spot. “Nope. So, it’s Monday?†“Uh huh. Starts at eight in the morning. See you there?†“Yeah. Guess you will see me there.†She laid a hand on his shoulder and laughed. “I need to get in there before I head home.†Damn, he thought, having hoped to spend a little time with her. “Need a ride home?†“Becky’s coming to get me, but thanks.†She nodded and said, “I really need to go to the bathroom.†“Yeah. Sorry.†She waved as she closed the bathroom door. Realizing it would look creepy if he was waiting for her, he returned to his friends. She came over and said, “Monday,†in a sing-song voice before going to meet her friend at the door, prompting immediate questions – and then kudos – from his friends. For once, he couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over. **** It was the last thing he would have ever expected, but driving down the tree-lined road to the nudist camp had his nerves on edge. In the end, it was only the promise of seeing Ann naked that kept him from turning around. “Here for the bike ride?†the man at the gate asked when he stopped. “Yeah.†“Okay. Everyone has to be nude beyond the parking lot. Here are the camp rules.†He handed over a flier. “You can pick up the number for your bike at the table down by the lake. You can’t miss it. Happy Nude Day.†“Happy Nude Day,†he responded as the gate went up, though he’d never heard of it before. He could see a large gathering of people down near the lake as he parked, but it was far enough away to be little more than a blur of skin and reflections from bicycles. The place was pretty nice from what he could see – better than most of the campgrounds he’d used over the years. After putting the car in park, he looked over the flier. Rule number one, which was stated in bold letters, said that no overtly sexual contact was to happen in public spaces. Kissing was allowed, as were hugs, hand-holding, and any other familiar touch that would be acceptable in a public situation. Erections were frowned upon, but not strictly against the rules unless purposely displayed in a rude and offensive manner. Everything else mirrored rules he’d seen for other campgrounds. He knew the bout of nerves wasn’t going to calm down if he sat thinking about it. So, he climbed out of the car, bit the bullet, and stripped down. It was getting close to eight, so he knew he would have to hurry to find Ann before the start. The first test of his mettle came as he was pulling down his bike. A pair of older women walked up from the campground in his direction. They looked to be in their late thirties, and both were in good shape, with nice tits. They made absolutely no effort to hide that they were admiring him, and even smiled when he made eye contact. “Happy Nude Day,†they both said as they passed him. He responded in kind as he sat his bike down. A moment later, he caught them both looking over their shoulders at him, and they certainly weren’t making eye contact – unless he counted old one-eye. It was exactly the sort of encouragement he needed. He strapped a bag onto his bike, which contained a few essentials like his phone, and slid a water bottle into the holster. He was glad for one special modification he’d made from the moment he climbed on his bike. A bicycle seat and bare skin were two things he was certain weren’t going to go well together. An old t-shirt and a zip tie had taken care of that problem. The ride down to the lake revealed the truth of the picturesque location, and more amenities of the campground. He saw cabins with air-conditioning units, large open-air shower facilities, well-appointed campsites, a concession stand, and more. He also got a closer look at the other people in the camp. A few were scary sights indeed, though he’d expected that. His gaze did linger on quite a few nude women of various ages while scanning the crowd for Ann, though. When he did spot her, he had mixed feelings. Her tits were everything he had imagined, and she even turned to give him an incredible view of her ass as she talked to the people around her. One of them was an equally welcome sight, because Becky had a great body as well. The half-dozen naked guys were the problem. “Over here,†Ann called out when she spotted him. He put on a smile and tried to think positive as he rode toward her. “I thought you’d chickened out,†she said as he came to a stop. She glanced between his legs for a brief moment and her smile widened. “Nah. Nice day for a ride.†She pointed and said, “Better go get your number over there at the table. They’ll be starting the ride soon.†“Be right back.†“Hurry.†As soon as he climbed off his bike at the table, the guy there pointed at his seat and said, “Smart move.†Jeremy chuckled and said, “Yeah, I didn’t like the idea of sticking to the seat.†“Here you go,†the man said, handing over a laminated paper number and three zip ties to attach it to his bike. “That’s so the counters can keep track of how many laps you’ve made. Every mile is another donation. Hang it from the handlebars and loop the longer one around the neck.†“Got it.†“I see you weren’t the only one who thought ahead,†the guy said, and pointed at someone approaching. When he turned to look, Jeremy couldn’t believe his eyes. There, pushing her bike toward the table was Nancy’s mother – stark naked.
  3. A quick preview of my upcoming Nude Day story for the Literotica contest ( posting to SOL and Lush not long after ) This is from the unedited first draft, so don't give me too much grief *laugh* ======================== I should have known. Happy Nude Day, I thought sarcastically as I watched Wendy and Ron walk by, ignoring me as they headed toward the lake. We’d been the best of friends the last time we saw each other the year before, but Linda had obviously talked to them. Yep – lucky me. Over forty with a hot, wild woman five years younger than me. Going to nudist camps, sex almost every day, threesomes... It had been a wild couple of years. I don’t know how long she’d been fucking the neighbor on the side, but when she got caught, she decided for some reason that I’d orchestrated it. That’s when I learned the hard way that she could go from zero to psycho bitch in nothing flat. I popped open a beer and wondered for the third time in an hour whether I should just pack up and leave. But, I had no doubt the news of my hasty departure would reach Linda before I even got home. There was no way I was going to give her that satisfaction. Besides, the campground was packed, and I loved the place. Sprite Lake had more amenities than any nudist camp for a couple hundred miles around. I saw plenty of fresh faces, and I was determined to enjoy myself. A pair of attractive blonde women about my age walking by a few seconds later were a good start. They were in good shape, gravity hadn’t taken much of a toll, and they weren’t shaved bare. I waved. They waved back and smiled. I finished my beer, grabbed another, and headed down to the lake, where everyone was gathering for the Pre-Nude Day festivities. The well was too deep for Linda to poison it all. Or so I thought. I hadn’t counted on how tight-knit the regulars were. People I recognized but barely knew were staring daggers at me from the moment I reached the shoreline. It seemed like every time I turned around, the grapevine was sinking its tendrils into someone else. Within a half hour, I was back in my lawn chair, gritting my teeth at the sounds of merriment. At that point, it didn’t matter if I left – Linda had won. I’d had three beers, so for safety’s sake I decided to sit for a couple of hours and grill some lunch before I left. Imagine my surprise when Ron walked toward my camp a few minutes later. I tensed, expecting a confrontation, but then saw him nervously look over his shoulder. “Hey,†he said as he stepped into the campsite. “Hey. So, what line has she fed everyone?†Ron blew out a long breath and once again looked back toward the path. “Let’s go behind the RV,†I suggested. “Sorry,†he said as he followed me. “It’s just that Wendy doesn’t know I came up here.†“I get it. Happy wife, happy life. So, what’s the horror story?†“She said you got drunk and hit her.†My vision flashed red as I growled, “What? I never laid a hand on her – ever.†“She said she had to go to the E.R.†“What a load of shit. I was the one who ended up in the E.R. getting stitches in my forehead because she threw a plate at me.†I pushed my hair out of the way, revealing the scar. “I had to bring the cops with me to get what was left of my stuff out of her house. She destroyed most of it.†“I knew it had to be bullshit.†“But Wendy believes it.†“Yeah. Look, I’m sorry. Bob and Will don’t buy it either, but Wendy has their wives at a boil.†I sighed and said, “Well, I can kind of understand it after what Wendy went through with her ex-husband.†Ron’s eyes hardened for a moment with that mention, but he shook it off. “Was there a police report in the paper?†“From when they showed up that day and the next when I went back for my stuff.†“Think you can get those and send them to me?†“I hadn’t even thought of that. The library scans every issue. I may be able to get one of the guys from work to go and send them to me.†Ron snapped his fingers and smiled. “That might be enough to convince Wendy. Speaking of which...†“Go ahead. Last thing you need is to get caught talking to me, considering what she believes.†“Hang in there, man.†He held out his hand and I shook it. “Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.†“No problem. Sorry about everything.†I chuckled half-heartedly. “Not as sorry as I am. I’ll make a call or two and see if I can get those police reports.†“Here’s hoping.†Knowing that at least a few of my friends didn’t believe Linda’s lies helped bolster my spirits. I headed straight into the RV and grabbed my phone. My friend Carl had the next day off, and said he would go to the library to get me what I needed. Seeing light at the end of the tunnel, I fired up the grill and decided to stay. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, so I relaxed and enjoyed it. Ron, Will, and Bob even snuck away from their wives to have a beer with me later that evening. I knew that if Carl came through, there was a chance I might even be able to socialize with them openly at the big Nude Day party the next day. I hit the bunk that night with a good buzz and a cautiously optimistic outlook. **** It was barely light when I woke up the next morning. I’m hardly ever up before the sun, but my bladder proved to be a rather effective alarm clock. It was a long walk to the bathrooms, so I took a brief walk back into the trees to let off the pressure. Feeling much better, I headed back into the RV. After a look at the bunk, I opted to grab the coffee pot instead. The walk in the brisk morning air had chased away the last vestiges of sleep, and watching the sun rise with a good cup of coffee sounded like just the thing. I had just sat the pot on the camp stove when a flicker of movement in my peripheral vision caused me to turn toward the trail. Good god, I thought when I saw her. She had her back turned to me, showing off a perfect little butt bathed in the glow of the rising sun. From the second my eyes fell on her, I knew she was young. It was rare to see anyone under thirty at the camp, but this girl had to be college-age. Blonde hair hung down to the middle of her back, though most of it was pulled over her shoulders. It was a look I’d seen a lot of times over the last two years, called the Lady Godiva. A woman with long hair could drape it over her breasts, giving tantalizing glimpses that were even more eye-catching than seeing them fully revealed. As if in response to my silent wish, she turned, confirming the display that I’d already imagined. Then my eyes darted downward and I saw something else that tugged my lips into a smile. Close-cropped blonde hair adorned her mound, shaped into an irregular triangle pointing down. I’ve never been a big fan of the bare-shaved look. Blame it on growing up in the 80s. I like a little bush. I didn’t dwell on it, naturally. Even at a camp where everyone is naked all the time, there are limits. I lifted my gaze as she finished her turn toward me, and got the shock of my life.
  4. Here's a quick preview of my Nude Day story ( Just finished, and unedited ) "Double Booked" ======================== Up above, Tonya could see the light filtering out from between the curtains of her room. Four windows down, no curtains blocked the dim light shining out – though a pair of silhouettes did. The young men above were making no effort to hide their voyeurism, and the similarity sent her flashing back across the years. She’d only turned eighteen a month or so before when she’d gone out to the backyard pool for a midnight swim. Then, as now, she’d noticed a light in a window above and recognized the silhouette. She’d lusted after her much older neighbor for a couple of years, and the person sitting in the window could have only been him. Taking off her top when she knew someone was watching had nearly made her stomach rebel, but she’d gone through with it. Seeing him lean closer to the window for a better look had caused arousal to overwhelm her fear in short order. Her bikini bottom had followed, and she had reveled in the object of her desire so obviously enthralled by her nude body. His wife returning from work had stolen the moment and sent her scurrying for her bikini, but it had thrown a door wide open. While she hadn’t been overly promiscuous in college, she’d most certainly let men see what they were missing – often. The sense of invincibility she’d felt then had faded over the years, though. The urge to throw caution – along with her bikini – to the wind was still there, but it wasn’t enough to overwhelm her inhibitions to that degree. Still, somewhere between her memories and the wine, she found herself floating on her back with her breasts well displayed above the lapping water. Legs parting and closing, Tonya scissor-kicked toward the opposite edge of the pool and paused. The briefest of glances showed that her audience was still there. This is crazy, she thought as she climbed out of the pool, but she went through with it anyway. Standing on the edge, she slicked the water out of her hair, knowing how the motion would show off her body. Then, she walked toward the diving board and glanced toward the window. Both young men had moved closer – with one actually sitting in the window sill. Chills running up and down her spine, Tonya climbed onto the diving board, took a hop that bounced her breasts, and dived in. When she surfaced, she whipped her hair, slinging a rainbow of water that glittered in the moonlight. The dive had caused her top to slip nearly to her nipples, and she allowed the extra view of her attributes for a couple of moments before making a show of tugging her bikini back into place. Another peek revealed that the two gorgeous voyeurs were still there, and that the light had increased. She guessed that one of them had turned on the overhead light, allowing her to see that both men were nude. They wanted her to know that they were watching. Tonya floated onto her back, heart beating rapidly as the war within her raged. From what she knew of nudists, it wasn’t supposed to be about sex, but that didn’t stop her thoughts from turning that way. She’d fantasized about being with two men at once many times, but never with such a clear vision of who. Those erotic daydreams had certainly never included two such young, virile men, either. Risking her longest, most obvious look yet, she wondered, Should I do it? It was likely pure coincidence, but seeing the darker-haired man nod just as the thought flitted through her head opened a floodgate. Before her better judgement could sound an alarm, she let her legs sink and untied her bikini top.
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