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Found 2 results

  1. Just a few stories that are coming soon. Recording this here as much for me as anything else. LOL Just finished a hot little MILF tale for the Literotica Nude Day contest. It's called "Her Own Skin" and I'll start editing it in a couple of days. With any luck, it will be out there by the end of the week, and everywhere else not long after. I have another in progress. This one is for the Lushstories Summer contest. ( can't remember the exact name ) It's yet another MILF tale called "Hooters" Finally came up with an idea of a short to pair with "His Gift" for the Ebook here on my website. I really didn't feel like writing another straight cuckold/wittol story, so I was at a loss. Then, I realized there was another unfilled category at Lush that meshes up nicely — Femdom. Not sure when I'll start it, as I have a lot of other things on my plate in not only this name, but as Les and Dark as well. It will be called "Her Flock". I think anyone that enjoyed "His Gift" will like it as well, so it's a good pairing for the Ebook on my website. I know many find cuck stories offensive, so this will allow them to skip that Ebook entirely, and not miss anything they might like. Another that is in the planning stage has actually been there for a while. The original concept was simply not coming together, because the setup felt too unrealistic. Yes, coming from someone with the pen name Reject Reality, that's a little strange. LOL In thinking about my unfilled categories at Lush, I realized the basic concept ( the title, specifically ) could work in the Teen category there. So, eventually, "At Heaven's Bate" will by my entry in that category when I get to writing this short, voyeur tale.
  2. After a long hiatus, the Clitoride Awards are back! If you feel anything I wrote in 2013 is deserving of recognition, you can nominate it right here: http://clitoridesawards.org/ For easy reference, here are the links to everything I wrote during the year in all three pen names, on all three sites. Odds are that you'll want to use the Storiesonline link if one is available, ( especially for chapter stories ) even if that's not the site you read on. The Clitorides website is run by the same guy who runs SOL, so odds are that those links will be far easier to deal with and present fewer problems. I'll provide the Literotica link to the story ( or the first chapter ) for reference, though. You may need to right click the link and "copy shortcut" rather than just copy-paste, because the forum software automatically truncates links. Lowborn: Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/lowborn-ch-01 Sol: http://storiesonline.net/s/74156 Friend of the Wood: Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/friend-of-the-wood Sol: http://storiesonline.net/s/74858 A Sale of Two Titties: Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/a-sale-of-two-titties Sol: http://www.storiesonline.net/sex-story/74122 Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/milf/a-sale-of-two-titties.aspx Diggin' It: Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/diggin-it Sol: http://storiesonline.net/s/74506 Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/group-sex/diggin-it.aspx Double Booked: Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/double-booked Sol: http://storiesonline.net/s/74470 Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/group-sex/diggin-it.aspx Her Cut to the Chase: Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/her-cut-to-the-chase Sol: http://storiesonline.net/s/74801 Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/milf/her-cut-to-the-chase.aspx Jerk: ( Ch. 02 posted in 2013 ) Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/jerk Sol: http://storiesonline.net/s/70936 Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/taboo/jerk.aspx Sunny Daze: Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/sunny-daze Sol: http://storiesonline.net/s/74841 Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/incest/sunny-daze.aspx Taste of Sherry: Lit: http://www.literotica.com/s/taste-of-sherry Sol: http://storiesonline.net/s/74133 Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/milf/taste-of-sherry.aspx Wash Away the Blues: Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/quickie-sex/wash-away-the-blues.aspx Stories can be nominated in more than one category. You can also nominate older stories in the "Classic Clitoride" category, if you wish. Stories posted in 2008 and before are eligible for that category. ( Including "Danica"... Hint, hint! )
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