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Found 1 result

  1. Here's a quick preview of "Diamond Valentine" which should be out in a couple of days for the Literotica Valentine's Day contest. ***** The bathroom door opened and Tessa leaned against the doorframe, wearing a sultry expression. She slid her right hand down her hip, showing off her new heart-adorned bra and panties, as well as her new diamond ring, and then said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.†“Very happy. You look so hot,†he said as she sauntered toward the bed. Tessa licked her lips and said, “So do you.†She climbed into the bed from the foot, and then cat-crawled toward him, making his cock throb and dance. As she continued forward, she let first her hair, then her breasts, and then her panties caress his hardness. When she kissed him, it was with a hunger that gave him chills. “I want to play tonight,†she said in a breathless, husky voice when their lips parted. “Like what?†He gave her butt a strong squeeze and then kissed her neck. Tessa moaned and shifted until she could reach her nightstand. He grinned when she withdrew some silky scarves that he recognized. He didn’t resist when she scooted forward to sit on his chest and grabbed his left arm. They had played this game before, and it took her less than a minute to tie his wrists to the headboard. He was anticipating the trail of kisses down his body when she threw him for a loop and reached into the drawer again. His eyebrows shot up when she withdrew a blindfold. “Oh boy,†he muttered as she looked down at him with a crooked grin. She let out a devilish chuckle as she placed the blindfold over his eyes and slid the strap around his head. He felt whooshes of air rustling his hair, and assumed she was waving a hand in front of his face. “No peeking,†she demanded, and then slipped out of the bed. For a few heartbeats, he waited in somewhat worried anticipation. He grunted when he felt her tongue wash over the head of his cock. She chuckled and left him wondering for a few seconds before darting back in for another lick. The mattress sank down next to his hip a moment later and her tongue tickled his balls. Mark grunted and gasped as she kept it up, never letting him know when the next touch was coming. His cock danced in the air and he pulled at the scarves tying his wrists – but not too hard. They weren’t really that tight, and he didn’t want to accidently dislodge them. “You’re driving me crazy, baby,†he growled when she sucked his cockhead between her lips and let it pop out. “Good,†she purred, and then gave him the longest lap yet – from the root to the tip. She pulled away again, but then both of her hands settled on the bed and her tongue swirled around the head. She chased it as it bounced and twitched, her hot breath on the saliva-slick tip adding to the sensation. An explosive growl escaped him when she finally took him in. She sucked about an inch of his throbbing shaft between her lips, her tongue undulating against it as she pulled back to the tip. Then she took him a little deeper, and sucked even harder. Every few strokes, she would let him slip free with a wet pop, leaving him twitching in the open air before diving back in. Sometimes, she would only lap his balls or tickle the tip, then engulf him a moment later. He began to writhe on the bed, every second a new surprise. When she pressed her lips to his, he kissed her hard. Then realization hit him. Even though she was kissing him, his cock was still in a hot mouth. In that same moment, the bittersweet flavor and musky scent of pussy on his wife’s lips made him start in shocked surprise.
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