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Found 1 result

  1. Quick preview of "White Knight to Queen's Nook", which will probably go up tomorrow on Lush and SOL. =============== Though he’d hoped for a more exciting evening, beating Harry in a game of chess was at least something. Peter’s hopes had been rather lofty, considering how introverted he was. Having access to the car for the first time while his parents were out of town wasn’t going to change that. It was nice to toot the horn and wave at people he knew, though. There was an undeniable freedom that came with driving yourself, as opposed to being ferried around by your parents. As he walked out to the car, it was hard to miss the flashing red and blue lights a couple of blocks behind Harry’s house. There were no sirens, but the way the sky and buildings he could see were lighting up, he knew there had to be more than one police vehicle on scene. That made him nervous. As he turned to get in the car and hurry home, he was startled by a female voice calling out, “Hey! Hello!†Pete turned around and was surprised to see a blonde woman half-jogging toward him through the yard between Harry’s house and the neighbor’s. She was wearing a short skirt, and a tight top that – despite the darkness – displayed her large, bouncing breasts to good effect. Stunned by her beauty and her unexpected appearance, he froze and stared as she approached. She looked nervous, and glanced behind her just before she reached him. When she turned back, she asked, “Is there any chance you could give me a ride?†“I... Uhm...†he stammered, unable to think with the beautiful woman standing in front of him. His eyes, acting as if they had a will of their own, kept drifting down to her displayed cleavage. She let out an exasperated sigh, and then topped every other shock he’d received in the last minute or two. She grabbed the tail of her top, yanked it upward, and bared her braless breasts for a fraction of a second. “I’ll let you have a good look if you just get me out of here,†she promised while stuffing her tits back in her top. The next thing he knew, he was pulling out his key fob, nodding, and unlocking the doors. The moment the sound announced that the doors were unlocked, she said, “Thanks,†and hurried toward the car. Instead of climbing into the front seat, she instead got in the back, and sprawled out on the back seat. “Hurry,†she pleaded when he didn’t move. On autopilot, with his brain a complete muddle, he walked around to the driver’s side. He looked at her when he climbed in the car to see her waving her hand, indicating that she wanted to go. “Are you in trouble with the police?†he asked as he sat down. “Not as long as you get me out of here,†she hissed from the back seat. “I just...†he began. Before he could gather his thoughts to continue, she said, “Look, I was at a party, and it got busted. I was lucky that I was outside, so I was able to see the cops pulling up and run. I can’t get busted for underage drinking again. That’s it. Just get me out of here. Please.†It was some small comfort that he wasn’t aiding and abetting a felon. Even nerds got into trouble sometimes, so he could sympathize. He started the car and asked, “Where to?â€
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