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Found 2 results

  1. This was sent anonymously through the site feedback function at Lushstories a little while ago, and forwarded to me. The story, Nude-Holly-Day, by Reject Reality was one of the most enjoyable, intense, well crafted, and even instructive stories I've ever encountered. While the biology-based eroticism is excellent in most of your stories, this one (Holly) was far beyon that. The Holly story was to regular good stories as color is to black-and-white because of the added layers in the story. a. Honor and decency. The protagonist portrayed the best characteristics of respect and appreciation for the Holly character. b. The caring he showed Holly added depth to the story far beyond the delightful eroticism. c. The honor and care showed for the Holly character by the protagonist put this story into the top level of literature. d. The details of the physical love-making functioned almost as a lesson for top-level love-making. Society would profit from this sort of story being made to be required reading for all high-schoolers. I would give the Holly story a 10 if that were possible. If permissible, pas on my comments to the author, and know that I would give him a 5. What can I say but, wow. And link to the story, of course Storiesonline: http://www.storiesonline.net/sex-story/71998 Literotica: http://www.literotica.com/s/nude-holly-day Lushstories: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/mature/nude-holly-day.aspx
  2. Just curious if there are any tales you've always wondered about while reading my stories. This more or less is a Darkniciad thing, since pretty much everything else I write is self-contained. That doesn't mean I won't consider ideas related to my other stories, though. I'm sure many will answer that they'd like to know how the characters in the Nobles series ended up as the Nobles of Egoria, and I'll certainly write that one day. Sure there are plenty who only have one answer as well: "The rest of Sisters of the Mists!" I'm doing my best. It's just hard for me a lot of the time, because with every scene I write about Danica, I see my late wife in my mind's eye. I hear her voice. I can feel her touch. Smell her hair. There are days when that's wonderful, and days when it's painful as hell. Thought I'd get those two out of the way. "Ebon Genesis" came about because a reader was curious about the origins of some of Zoraster's perversions, and wanted to read about it. It sparked me, and I started writing the story almost immediately. So, anybody have a burning question they'd like to see answered in a tale? While I'm on this roll of forward momentum, I want to have as much to look forward to as possible, which should help keep me rolling along. New, exciting ideas of where to take my characters does that quite well. Feel free to make suggestions. You don't have to do it here. There's always the option of my feedback forms on the story sites, or my contact form here, but this topic is certainly an easy means to get your ideas to me. Even if I don't see a storyline, I can probably answer many questions you might have
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