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Found 6 results

  1. Just a few stories that are coming soon. Recording this here as much for me as anything else. LOL Just finished a hot little MILF tale for the Literotica Nude Day contest. It's called "Her Own Skin" and I'll start editing it in a couple of days. With any luck, it will be out there by the end of the week, and everywhere else not long after. I have another in progress. This one is for the Lushstories Summer contest. ( can't remember the exact name ) It's yet another MILF tale called "Hooters" Finally came up with an idea of a short to pair with "His Gift" for the Ebook here on my website. I really didn't feel like writing another straight cuckold/wittol story, so I was at a loss. Then, I realized there was another unfilled category at Lush that meshes up nicely — Femdom. Not sure when I'll start it, as I have a lot of other things on my plate in not only this name, but as Les and Dark as well. It will be called "Her Flock". I think anyone that enjoyed "His Gift" will like it as well, so it's a good pairing for the Ebook on my website. I know many find cuck stories offensive, so this will allow them to skip that Ebook entirely, and not miss anything they might like. Another that is in the planning stage has actually been there for a while. The original concept was simply not coming together, because the setup felt too unrealistic. Yes, coming from someone with the pen name Reject Reality, that's a little strange. LOL In thinking about my unfilled categories at Lush, I realized the basic concept ( the title, specifically ) could work in the Teen category there. So, eventually, "At Heaven's Bate" will by my entry in that category when I get to writing this short, voyeur tale.
  2. A quick preview of my new, upcoming story, "Fill 'Er Up". ================= Liam tossed the empty bag in the garbage can, having filled the windshield wash buckets for the last time. He checked his phone, and saw that he only had five minutes left in his last day. He took his time walking back from the diesel fuel island, burning up one of those five minutes. Tomorrow, his evening would be free. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to do with it, truth to be told. He had plans for the weekend, but everyone would be busy on a Thursday night. There were only a few short weeks of freedom before he headed off to college, so he was going to make the most of them. He knew that much. Back inside, the place was filled with conversation and laughter, as it usually was. There were larger truck stops, in more convenient locations, but most of the local truckers all stopped at Mel’s, and word had spread to long-distance drivers. The kitchen was open 24/7, and the food was good. The bathrooms and showers were clean. The shelves were always well stocked. If asked, every one of the truckers would have only considered those amenities an afterthought, though. To a man, they were there to see Flo, Jen, Abbie, or Mel herself. All in their late 30s or early 40s, they were attractive, and flirtatious in the extreme. Redheaded Mel was filling coffee cups in the dining area. She was wearing a pleated skirt, which hid her gorgeous ass, but showed off her equally incredible legs. Her low-cut top revealed ample cleavage, and she made sure to bend down frequently while filling cups, so everyone got a good look. Liam wasn’t excluded from the peeks, or the flirting. No man was. He wasn’t immune, either. The last couple of years, the ladies had charmed him into working long shifts, and coming in on his days off many a time. They all had a place in his spank bank of masturbation fantasies. Mel finished her rounds as Liam walked up to the main counter, where blonde-haired Abbie was entrancing truckers as she rang them up. “There’s our traitor,†Mel teased as she approached. “Leaving us high and dry,†Abbie agreed. She addressed the driver at the counter and said, “He’s quitting on us, running off to college.†“Must be nuts,†the driver said with a grin. “I’d never leave.†Abbie winked and said, “I know you wouldn’t, sugar.†“Tried everything to talk him out of it,†Mel said, stepping in close and wearing a pout. Liam had learned early on that the best way to deal with the flirting was to come right back just as strong. “Everything? I’ve been hearing this promise about wardrobe malfunctions all this time, and I’ve never seen it happen.†“Well, maybe you’re not paying close enough attention,†Mel countered. Liam grinned and shot back, “Oh, I’m paying attention.†The ladies laughed, as did the truckers in line. Abbie said, “Damn, I’m going to miss this one.†“Won’t we all,†Mel agreed. “I should make you stay until the last second, but go ahead back to the office. I’ll be back in a minute to cash your last check for you.†“Thanks,†Liam said, and made his way to the employees only door. Once through the stockroom, he followed the long hallway past the break room, bathrooms, service rooms, and back to Mel’s office. About the time he leaned against the wall next to the office door, Mel came through the door on the opposite end of the hall. She called out, “Be right there, honey,†before turning into the women’s bathroom. Liam pulled out his phone and scrolled through some posts until he saw her emerge once more. Mel strutted his way with a smile on her face. Her every move was a performance – and a grand one. Her hips swayed, making her skirt dance, and her hands glided gracefully at her side. She glanced at him and twitched her eyebrows before unlocking the door. “Have a seat, honey, and I’ll get you paid,†Mel said as she walked around her desk. He closed the door – which automatically locked – sat down, and only then noticed that she had something in her hand. Whatever it was, she deposited it in a desk drawer before sitting down as well. Mel turned on her computer, clicked a few times, and then spun in her chair to access the safe behind her. “We really are going to miss you,†she said while twisting the combination lock dial. “You did such a good job straightening up the back room when you started. Always on time. Never complained.†She paused, looked over her shoulder, and added, “Easy on the eyes.†Liam chuckled. “I’ll be sure to stop by whenever I’m back home.†“You’d better,†Mel said. She reached into the safe, counted out some cash, and then stood. She walked around her desk again, and held out the money with a flourish. He instantly noticed that there was one more hundred dollar bill than he was expecting as he took the cash. He looked up at her with a question in his eyes. “A little bonus,†Mel explained. “Wish it could be more, but you’ve earned it.†“Thanks. I really appreciate it,†Liam said. It was hardly insignificant, as it was about a quarter of his weekly pay. “You’re welcome. Like I said, you earned it.†She then snapped her fingers and said, “You know, I actually do have something else for you.†He couldn’t help but grin as she turned and bent over her desk right in front of him. She was getting in one last tease. She slid open her desk drawer while he admired her butt, and the extra inch of leg her rising skirt revealed. Then it kept rising. Liam stared in stunned amazement as the pleated cloth slid upward. Her rounded ass and bare-shaven pussy were right in front of him, less than a foot away, and they entranced him. When the surprise wore off and he tore his eyes away from her folds, she was looking back over her shoulder, holding up her skirt with one hand, and the thong she’d retrieved from her desk in the other. She let her panties fall back in the drawer, gave her ass a shake, straightened, and turned around. “I did promise a wardrobe malfunction,†she said. “I keep my promises, honey.â€
  3. Just thought I'd add a place to post things about the Magic of the Wood series. Here's something that you might find interesting -- my list I keep to keep track of family members as the series goes on. DANIEL GREENE: 31 Steward, 49 Daughter, 74 Forever, 92 Secret, 98 Kindred, 100 Heart, 103 Beauty XANBRINA: 18 Daughter, 43 Forever, 61 Secret, 67 Kindred, 69 Heart, 72 Beauty XANKIA: 19 Forever, 37 Secret, 44 Kindred, 46 Heart, 49 Beauty DANIEL MILLER: 18 Secret, 24 Kindred, 26 Heart, 29 Beauty GLEN: 10 Secret, 16 Kindred, 18 Heart, 21 Beauty XANMARA: 13 Secret, 18 Kindred, 20 Heart, 23 Beauty XANTERRA: 2 Kindred, 4 Heart, 7 Beauty XANELLA: 2 Kindred, 4 Heart, 7 Beauty DALE: 1 Heart, 4 Beauty The numbers are ages at the time of the story. I'm probably going to start tracking the married-in family members the next time I update this. I wasn't doing it before, because I had everyone hooking up with people the same age *laugh* With Glen marrying a woman a few years older in Heart and Dara marrying a younger man in Beauty, that's changed. I need to remember how old they are as the series goes on. There have been 72 years since the first story ( more really, as I start "Steward" with Daniel as a young boy ) I know it's unrealistic that so little has changed in the world around them as generations come of age, but it's fantasy dagnabbit! *laugh* I'm not going to have them flying around in solar-powered Jetson cars. Technology is simply going to move slowly in this alternate world I've created. You also might notice a few names you don't recognize at the end of the list. Those are Dan and Brooke's kids. Terra and Ella are twins, with thier younger brother Dale. More likely than not, they're slated to be the stars of upcoming stories. Still trying to come up with an interesting way to hook up Xannera. Everything I've tried to write just doesn't have the right "oomph" to it. There's a fair to middling possibility that her story will end up being either a web short ( still working on launching that website feature ) or perhaps a secondary story tied to another new tale, released at about the same time. For example, maybe I'll tell Terra's story, and within it, there's another character who's peripheral to that story, but ends up hooking up with Xannera in a side tale that I'll release at about the same time. There's just not much of a way to build tension with a character like Xannera in the world I've created, which doesn't allow people to stumble upon them. The nymphs can keep people they don't want out, so anyone who can find them is wanted there. At that point, it's pretty much assured what's going to happen
  4. This isn't even completely done, ( have to finish the final sex scene and the closer ) let alone edited, but since It's been so long since I've released anything, I thought I'd tease the next story coming out as Les Lumens: "Pawnographic" *********************** It was another long day at the pawn shop. I thought at least once a day about selling it or getting someone else to run the damn place, but I couldn’t do it. My grandfather had started it, and then my dad kept it going. I couldn’t bring myself to break the chain when he passed away. Seeing my neighbor shut off his hose and put his hands on his hips when I pulled into the drive at home didn’t brighten my mood any. “Why don’t you take care of your lawn?” he complained as I climbed out of the car. I walked to the door and answered, “The grass is three inches tall.” “I’m tired of having to deal with all your dandelion seeds. You need to dig those things up like any responsible person. The whole neighborhood...” I closed the door, cutting off the rest of his tirade and muttered, “I’ll dig them up and shove them up your ass.” Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. I took a shower, whipped up some grub, and then kicked back to watch some t.v. Same old, same old. I ended up dozing off at some point, and woke up in the middle of Fallon’s monologue. The guy’s better than Leno, but I was raised on Carson. There’s just no comparison. I shut him off and headed upstairs to bed. The last thing I needed was to sleep all night in the chair and wake up as stiff as a board. Still half asleep, I stripped down to my boxers, shut off the light, and turned toward the bed. That’s when something moving in my peripheral vision drew my attention to the window. I stood there in the darkness of my room, hypnotized by the sight of my neighbor’s twenty-year-old blonde daughter. She was right in front of her window with the lights on. The contrast of the darkness surrounding that window focused my attention, as if I needed any help in that. She lifted her arms over her head, stretched, and yawned. The tight top she was wearing clung to her like a second skin, giving me a hell of a show as her breasts lifted from her stretch. She ran her fingers through her hair before letting her hands drop back to her side. Her parents made me want to pull my hair out. Cammie made me want to pull something else. I finally snapped out of it, and the dirty old man shame washed over me. Embarrassed by my behavior, I shook my head and closed my eyes for a second. The mistake I made was opening them before turning away. She grabbed the tail of her top just as my eyes opened, and in a flash, she’d pulled it over her head. I had a couple of blissful seconds to drink in the sight of her perky breasts before she tossed her top aside and walked away from the window. I have no idea how long I stood there with my eyes bugging out and my mouth hanging open. Even after she vanished from sight, I could still see her in my mind’s eye.
  5. Version 1.0


    This is a compressed archive containing a .wmv video of a sex scene I scripted for Neverwinter Nights, utilizing the four romantic/intimate animation suites available. This scene is a slower, romantic type one. Down-and-dirty scenes will have faster editing, and more extreme angles. No sound, because my recording software doesn't recognize my speakers, so I have to record it through a microphone in front of the speakers. LOL I haven't coded in the background music or the naughty sounds yet anyway. The plan is to make some game modules set in my world that people can play through, and then also post a novelization of the storyline. This file is compressed in zip format, which can be decompressed on most modern Windows systems without additional software.
  6. Version 1.0


    This is a compressed archive containing a .wmv video of a sex scene I scripted for Neverwinter Nights, utilizing the four romantic/intimate animation suites available. This scene is a slower, romantic type one. Down-and-dirty scenes will have faster editing, and more extreme angles. No sound, because my recording software doesn't recognize my speakers, so I have to record it through a microphone in front of the speakers. LOL I haven't coded in the background music or the naughty sounds yet anyway. The plan is to make some game modules set in my world that people can play through, and then also post a novelization of the storyline. This version is .7z compressed format, which requires 7Zip to decompress.
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