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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0

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    Kara is a shy virgin who wouldn't have even gone to the Halloween Festival if her friend didn't cajole her into it. When her friend decides to visit a fortune teller there, Kara has little choice but to join her, or face the crowds that seem to be closing in on her alone. When it's her turn for a reading, the fortune teller makes a dire prediction that will change her life forever. A chilling Halloween tale that isn't quite what it seems, now available for download to your Kindle compatible device.
  2. Version 1.0


    Kara is a shy virgin who wouldn't have even gone to the Halloween Festival if her friend didn't cajole her into it. When her friend decides to visit a fortune teller there, Kara has little choice but to join her, or face the crowds that seem to be closing in on her alone. When it's her turn for a reading, the fortune teller makes a dire prediction that will change her life forever. A chilling Halloween tale that isn't quite what it seems, now available for download and offline reading in cross-platform RTF format.
  3. Quick preview of "White Knight to Queen's Nook", which will probably go up tomorrow on Lush and SOL. =============== Though he’d hoped for a more exciting evening, beating Harry in a game of chess was at least something. Peter’s hopes had been rather lofty, considering how introverted he was. Having access to the car for the first time while his parents were out of town wasn’t going to change that. It was nice to toot the horn and wave at people he knew, though. There was an undeniable freedom that came with driving yourself, as opposed to being ferried around by your parents. As he walked out to the car, it was hard to miss the flashing red and blue lights a couple of blocks behind Harry’s house. There were no sirens, but the way the sky and buildings he could see were lighting up, he knew there had to be more than one police vehicle on scene. That made him nervous. As he turned to get in the car and hurry home, he was startled by a female voice calling out, “Hey! Hello!†Pete turned around and was surprised to see a blonde woman half-jogging toward him through the yard between Harry’s house and the neighbor’s. She was wearing a short skirt, and a tight top that – despite the darkness – displayed her large, bouncing breasts to good effect. Stunned by her beauty and her unexpected appearance, he froze and stared as she approached. She looked nervous, and glanced behind her just before she reached him. When she turned back, she asked, “Is there any chance you could give me a ride?†“I... Uhm...†he stammered, unable to think with the beautiful woman standing in front of him. His eyes, acting as if they had a will of their own, kept drifting down to her displayed cleavage. She let out an exasperated sigh, and then topped every other shock he’d received in the last minute or two. She grabbed the tail of her top, yanked it upward, and bared her braless breasts for a fraction of a second. “I’ll let you have a good look if you just get me out of here,†she promised while stuffing her tits back in her top. The next thing he knew, he was pulling out his key fob, nodding, and unlocking the doors. The moment the sound announced that the doors were unlocked, she said, “Thanks,†and hurried toward the car. Instead of climbing into the front seat, she instead got in the back, and sprawled out on the back seat. “Hurry,†she pleaded when he didn’t move. On autopilot, with his brain a complete muddle, he walked around to the driver’s side. He looked at her when he climbed in the car to see her waving her hand, indicating that she wanted to go. “Are you in trouble with the police?†he asked as he sat down. “Not as long as you get me out of here,†she hissed from the back seat. “I just...†he began. Before he could gather his thoughts to continue, she said, “Look, I was at a party, and it got busted. I was lucky that I was outside, so I was able to see the cops pulling up and run. I can’t get busted for underage drinking again. That’s it. Just get me out of here. Please.†It was some small comfort that he wasn’t aiding and abetting a felon. Even nerds got into trouble sometimes, so he could sympathize. He started the car and asked, “Where to?â€
  4. Here's a preview of the upcoming multi-chapter story, "Jackin' Jill" ====================== Rodney spotted Watch easily when a friend dropped him off the next day outside the Tex-Mex place, having exchanged pictures quite some time ago. He was in his thirties, but love of Star Trek knew no generations. “Rod,†Watch exclaimed upon spotting him, and held out a hand. He shook it, and said, “Welcome to Texas, Watch. Looks like there are some tables on the balcony.†“Works for me. I’m starving.†The pair ordered and found their seats on the balcony, which offered a fine view of the scenery – natural, architectural, and human. A pair of attractive women with large, well-displayed breasts were center stage below as the two friends sat down. Watch blew out a quiet whistle as he admired the sight. “Everything’s bigger in Texas.†Watch laughed. “Looks like it. Hey, that reminds me. You missed this jerk in chat last night. Came in with the name Texas Longhorn.†That began a long conversation about chat, kept reasonably quiet to avoid alerting the people seated nearby to what they were actually talking about. The pair often broke out into gut-busting laughter, reminiscing about how they had chased off annoying people from the chat with one-two punches of biting insults. The amused encouragement of the other people in the chatroom – and more importantly, Jill – usually did the trick. Having an attractive, half-naked woman laugh at you when you’re not trying to be funny was apparently a bit of an ego killer. The food was long gone and Rodney still wiping tears out of his eyes from laughing at the latest tale Watch had told when a tone sounded. Watch pulled out his cell and checked the text message, still laughing as well. After tapping a reply, he closed the phone and looked around. “Think people are starting to get annoyed at us. I’ve got some beers back at the hotel room.†Still below drinking age, and hardly part of social circles where he was regularly invited to parties, Rod jumped at the chance. “Hell yeah.†“I got the tip.†Watch pulled out a few bills for the gratuity, shaking his head when his cell beeped at him again. When he finished replying, he stood and said, “Let’s go get a good buzz on. I walked, because this place isn’t all that far away.†Glancing over the balcony at the scantily clad women moving about, Rod said, “And you can’t beat the scenery.†“No shit.†Quite a few of those attractive girls glanced their way on the walk. Watch was attractive, muscular, and exuded an air of confidence. Walking at his side – skinny and shy – Rod had to wonder why his friend hung out in nude chat rooms. It wasn’t as if he likely needed a substitute for real female company. It did feel good to have women looking in his direction, though – even if it was directed at Watch. He was staying at one of the better hotels in town, and they continued to chat along the way, moving into discussions of Jill’s various outfits. When they arrived at his room, he scanned his keycard and pushed the door open. Rod’s mouth dropped open and his eyes widened when Jill said, “Surprise!†He was still in a state of shock when she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips to his. Despite the surprise, it only took a millisecond for him to melt into the kiss, which turned his legs to water. “Mmm. Sweet kisses,†she said with her lips still only inches away from his. “Come on in.†Watch was chuckling as he followed them in the room. Wondering if he was dreaming – and praying he wouldn’t wake up – he turned to his friend. “Sorry. She made me do it.†“I wanted to surprise you,†Jill explained. Though he regretted the stupid question as soon as it passed his lips, Rod asked, “Jill?†“Of course, silly. Well, it’s actually Lisa, but stick with Jill. Hearing my real name is weird, and that way you won’t slip up in chat.†If anything, she was more stunning in person than on cam. Her luscious curves in a short skirt and tight, spaghetti-string top were mouth watering. The smile he knew so well brought one to his own lips as she led him over to sit on the bed. Bending down into the mini-fridge, Watch said, “The beers are real, though,†he passed one to Rodney, and then opened one for himself. Jill sat down close to him. “I wanted to meet you, since we were going to be here anyway. Had to play it safe and have Jeff make sure you weren’t a serial killer or something, though.†Thinking that a little liquid courage wasn’t a bad idea, Rod opened his beer and took a long swig. She put her hand on his knee and laughed. “Relax. I’m not going to bite – unless you want me to.†She twitched her eyebrows. “It just feels like I’m dreaming,†Rod finally managed to say. “I know. Me too,†she agreed. “I thought Jeff... Whoops – Watch – was never going to bring you over.†“I was having too much fun,†Watch said as he sat down on the opposite bed and took a pull of his beer. “May as well tell you and get it out of the way,†Jill began. “Watch and I have been best friends since like the third grade. We lived next door to each other. We never really dated, but we hung out and started experimenting when we got to that age. We got each other’s virginity, and we’ve pretty much been together ever since.†“So, you’re married?†She laughed. “God, no! He’s too much of whore. We’re fuck buddies, but we’re not exclusive or anything. He’s my cameraman, and plays stunt cock when I want some facial pictures or something. He’s the one in the first couple of Jackin’ Jill videos.†Rod had always been fond of those videos, where Jill did a sexy striptease, and then gave a man a handjob, jerking him off onto her tits. They were all shot point-of-view, which let him put himself in the guy’s place. “The rest of them are nice guys from chat that I’ve met in person. Bird was the guy in the last one.†While she talked, her hand slid up from his knee to his thigh. Watch broke out into a laugh as Rodney’s eyes widened again. “I think it’s starting to sink in.†Jill’s fingers glided over his crotch and she asked in a low, sultry voice that made him break out into goose bumps, “Want to be in the next one?â€
  5. Here's a quick preview of a Christi Crimm story from even earlier in her life than "Casting Off Convention" called "All the Fuss" ==================== “Two of three touches – blades only?” he asked. Christi nodded, as it was a fairly standard set of rules meaning no kicks, fists, or wrestling. The reason for the oppressive humidity announced itself with a rumble of thunder a moment later. A storm was rolling in, and it was doing so rapidly. He looked toward the lightning-streaked clouds and said, “That could make things interesting.” “If it takes that long,” Christi said confidently as she strode over to where she’d observed the men sparring earlier in the day. Jorfal laughed and pulled off his shirt before taking up a position opposite her. She couldn’t help but look. Though he was much older – closer to her father’s age than hers – he had a broad, muscular chest peppered with scars. His muscles working beneath the skin as he extended his sword toward her set off a chilly tingle between her legs. But, there was a battle to be won. She crossed her sword with his. After a tap, they both dropped into fighting crouches. Christi knew he had an advantage in both reach and strength. That meant she had to use her speed to overcome it. It was nothing new, as that was the case with her father and brothers as well. He attacked first with a stab toward her mid-section. She cleanly deflected the blow and danced to the side, not letting him close with her. Before she could counter, he launched a swipe at her arm, and she batted it away. This time, she was able to take a slash at him, stealing the momentum of his first assault. Back and forth they went – wooden swords cracking and hissing as they traded blows. Sweat soon poured from both of their bodies in the humid air, but he was a seasoned veteran, and she was hardly a novice. Though she’d never seen real battle, she’d been tested time and time again by her father and brothers. It wasn’t one of them she faced this time, though. Mingling with the adrenaline of battle was something else – quite unexpected. It began as the faintest of hints, and rapidly swelled as they continued the dance of combat. Christi was aroused. The first blast of wind from the coming storm hit them, raising gooseflesh on their sweat-soaked skin. Dust and grit rode on the powerful gust, joining the sweat already stinging Christi’s eyes. She saw the thrust coming, and brought her sword into line, but it was a fraction of a second too late to resist his strength. Christi grunted as the tip of his sword jabbed into her shoulder. “Point,” he declared as he withdrew the weapon. “Point,” she agreed. If it had been a real fight, the cut would have certainly slowed her down. “Got the dirt out of my eyes a little quicker,” he said as he stepped back toward the starting position. A tickle arose between her legs when a fresh rush of wetness gathered there. The arousal that had bubbled up within her wasn’t ebbing in the slightest. Her heart raced from the combined excitement of battle and desire as she watched him lift his sword. The wind continued unabated – gusting even more powerfully as the storm drew closer. The first sprinkles blew in as Christi took her place opposite her opponent, and increased to a downpour when they crossed their wooden swords. Once again, the battle was joined. Christi danced on light feet, deflecting his powerful blows and seeking openings to make her own attacks. The driving rain soon made the footing treacherous, but she compensated and kept the pressure on. Within a minute, her clothing was saturated, and her shirt grew transparent – clinging to her like a second skin. His eyes focused on them for only a moment, but when he glanced at her all-but-bare breasts, she was ready. The point of her sword darted in toward his chest, and his parry was too slow. Exaltation welled up within her as the wooden weapon stabbed into his shoulder – almost a mirror blow to his that ended the previous round. “Point,” he said, and then laughed. “Caught me out there.” Christi smiled and pushed a lock of sodden hair away from her forehead and eyes, making absolutely no effort to conceal her attributes. A chill shot up her spine when he openly admired them. Before they could prepare for the deciding round, a deafening crack of thunder sounded, startling them both. The brilliant flash drew their eyes to where the bolt had slammed into the earth – far too close for comfort. Shouting over yet another roar of thunder, Jorfal said, “Why don’t we call this one a draw for now, before the gods get in the game?” Christi nodded, and he yelled, “This way.” She jogged at his side, once again catching his eyes gravitating toward her bouncing breasts. He led her around the barracks to a smaller building in the back and jerked the door open to let her in. Christi dashed in out of the rain and took in her surroundings. The place was small – consisting only of the room she was standing in, and a bedroom without a door beyond. It was sparsely furnished, but decorated with martial trophies. Jorfal shook the water out of his hair and tossed his wooden blade on the table. “Have a seat. It may be a draw, but I’ll buy you a drink anyway.” “Works for me,” she said as she put her sword down and pulled out one of the plain wooden chairs. “You can scrap, that’s for sure,” he said as he retrieved a jug from a shelf. “Not afraid to say I’m glad it was pissing and pouring so nobody saw me lose that point to a girl, though. Your brothers have been the only other ones to give me a workout in ages.” Christi chuckled and grabbed the cup he sat down in front of her. His clothes were clinging to him as well, and with him standing next to her, she could see a rather intriguing silhouette beneath his pants. He poured a small amount of clear liquid into her cup. “They call this White Lightning. Fits that mess outside. It kicks like a mule.” She knew the corn liquor well, as she’d been sneaking it from her father’s stash for some time. The momentary flash of shock on his face when she tossed back the potent brew changed to one of respect as she sat the cup down. “Well, damn me. You fight and drink like a man, even if you damn sure don’t look like one.” He laughed and poured his own drink. Christi’s arousal reached a fever pitch. She knew there was supposed to be a kind of dance to the whole thing, but she was in no mood to wait. The ache between her legs was screaming for attention now, and she had a man right in front of her who seemed to be interested in helping her with that. It was time to find out what all the fuss was about. When Jorfal downed his drink, she stood up and said, “Think I’m going to get out of these wet clothes.” “If you don’t wait out the storm first, you’re just going to get wetter.” His voice trailed off and his eyes widened when she pulled her shirt over her head. She was positive that she couldn’t get any wetter. She was practically dripping.
  6. Here's a preview of both an upcoming section of the webpage and a continuation of the story "Jerk". I'll be adding to existing stories in this section - called "Hot Shorts", and these continuations will only be available on my website. They're going to be basically more sex between the characters, although some character development may creep in there. I just don't feel that these continuations have enough substance to qualify as a "chapter 2" for posting to the story sites. Anything that does feel strong enough will attain chapter status and go up wherever the original is posted. This picks up exactly where "Jerk" left off: ======================================= Tim closed the door and turned to see her already pulling off her top, releasing her gorgeous tits. “Same deal as before?†Part of him wanted to accept the deal immediately, but he hesitated as he walked toward the couch, trying to summon up the courage to ask for more. She must have sensed what he was thinking, because her eyebrows arched and she put her hands on her hips. Her expression was stern, but the only thing he could think of was how sexy she looked. “Are you trying to push your luck for more?†she finally asked after a couple more seconds of silence. Steeling his nerves, he nodded and answered, “Yeah.†She let out a theatrical sigh and stared up at the ceiling for a moment. “Okay, blowjobs instead of handjobs this time. One a day, for three days. Agreed?†“Deal,†he answered, not willing to risk a push for more. She shrugged as she unbuttoned her jeans. “Oh well. At least I won’t have to clean all the cum off my boobs. Why are your pants still on? Take them completely off – and your shirt, too.†Tim quickly whipped his shirt over his head, not wanting to miss any of the show as she pushed down her jeans, and then panties. She was nude by the time he kicked his underwear to the side. Not wasting a moment, she dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around his cock. “So, when was the last time you jerked off?†It just so happened that he’d gone to a friend’s house the day before and come home so tired that he’d went straight to sleep. “Night before last.†“Make sure you warn me before you come. God, you’re going to go off like a volcano after saving it for two days.†“I promise,†he said, and then gasped when she licked the head of his cock while looking up into his eyes. She chuckled at his reaction, and gave him another lick. “Better than your hand, huh?†“Way better.†“You ain’t seen nothing, yet.â€
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