Getting somewhere on the website.

Well, I believe I finally have all the infrastructure updates complete.  Now, I just have to recode every single one of my pages to get the original content back up.  Lots of them were dependent upon the original infrastructure, and that’s all defunct.

I have temporary pages up for the warning page and front page of the RR site, as well as  They only link to the forum ( up, but in heavy need of tweaking ) and the blogs, but at least they’re functional.  That is where almost all of my offsite links point to.

My backend which lets me update my story database is also full of things that will need replaced, which means I’ll have to manually enter data until I can get my tools back up and running.

I’ve got a request posted elsewhere, hoping someone is willing to take a few bucks to point out replacements for the functions and templates I used, but it’s been up for a couple of days with no bites.  If I have to do the research myself, it’s going to take a long time.  I haven’t coded anything in bleeding forever.