Side Hustle

I’m finally back to writing, and there’s a brand new story live on Storiesonline!

His mom’s MILF friend needs to keep her OF on the DL, and he’s going to reap surprisingly pleasant benefits in “Side Hustle”

In the queue at Lit and Lush as well.  I’ll add the links when they go live.

Obviously, getting my website back up and running hasn’t come to pass.  LOL  No luck trying to hire somebody to do the recoding, so I eventually have to find the time and motivation to dig up the new versions of the functions I was using to power my website from the forum.  For now, it’s landing page, forum, and blog.

I’m afraid that if I switch gears to coding, that my brain will completely shut down.  At least for now, I can write again.  No sense in jeapordizing that.