Stuffed & Basted going wide.

Stuffed & Basted is now available on Storiesonline!

It’s in the queue at Lush as well, and I’ll update here when it goes live.

Next one coming down the pipeline is in the queue at Lit, and it’s called “Curl & Figure”.  Divorced sawyer and a pretty little country girl looking for some wood 😉

Catbird Seat

And another brand new story is going live.  Their naughty 18yo neighbor is forever flirting with him — even in front of his wife.  He expects more of the same when he comes home and sees her waiting.  To his surprise, she shows him a picture of their cat and uses the no pets clause as blackmail to sit on his face.  Little does she know that she’s feeding right into their fantasies in “Catbird Seat”

On Storiesonline:

And on Lushstories:

In the queue at Lit, and I’ll update with the link when it goes live in a couple of days.

Side Hustle

I’m finally back to writing, and there’s a brand new story live on Storiesonline!

His mom’s MILF friend needs to keep her OF on the DL, and he’s going to reap surprisingly pleasant benefits in “Side Hustle”

In the queue at Lit and Lush as well.  I’ll add the links when they go live.

Obviously, getting my website back up and running hasn’t come to pass.  LOL  No luck trying to hire somebody to do the recoding, so I eventually have to find the time and motivation to dig up the new versions of the functions I was using to power my website from the forum.  For now, it’s landing page, forum, and blog.

I’m afraid that if I switch gears to coding, that my brain will completely shut down.  At least for now, I can write again.  No sense in jeapordizing that.

The Doctor is in.

Brand new story now going live!  Vic has been making excuses and dodging his annual doctor’s appointment for a while now, and it appears his wife is fed up.  She’s made an after-hours appointment with someone new, and there’s no getting out of it.

Things take a pleasant turn when sexy Dr. Washington reveals that his check-up isn’t the only thing on his wife’s agenda.

Hot interracial threesome action now available for your reading pleasure at SOL, and in the queue at Lush and Lit.  I’ll update with the links here as they go live.

Now live on Lush:

And finally, live on Literotica:

A Belated Gift

My latest story, “A Belated Gift” is now available on Lush and SOL!  If you have a hankering for a hot little story with a touch of sweetness about an older man and a sweet young thing, then this is the story for you!

Tagged as a Recommended Read by the mods at Lush ta boot 🙂

I’m going to cheat and link to my Latest Release page, because I forgot to update the links for “Leigh Ride” when it went live on SOL and Lit.  Those links plus the links for Belated Gift can be easily located there, for wherever you choose to read.

It’s in the queue at Lit, and will probably be out in a day or two.

Also, you might want to check out my downloads page, because I just caught up with a bunch of recent releases to make the Ebooks available in Kindle compatible .prc and cross-platform .rtf

Also Also, keep your eyes open for two brand new ( almost ) flash erotica stories going live on my “Hot Shorts” page very soon.  They’re both finished, edited, and in the database, ready to release sometime later in the week exclusively on my website.  I hadn’t posted anything new to that section for a while, and it was time 🙂

Old Man Winter

Brand new slice of winter tail now available on Lushstories and Storiesonline! He’s perfectly content in his solitary bachelor life until young Miss Winter slides off the road near his place one winter’s night, and he has no choice but to bring her into his private world.

In the queue at Literotica as well, and should be up in a couple of days.

New locations for Wingman and Hung by the Chimney

“Hung by the Chimney is now live at Storiesonline!  It’s in the queue at Lush, and I’ll update with that link when it goes live there.

“Wingman” is also set to go live on Literotica sometime between 1 and 2 a.m. Eastern.  So keep your eyes open for that link below if you’re a Lit reader.  Don’t forget to check the posts below and read “Hung by the Chimney” on Lit if you haven’t yet.  It’s a contest story, so cast your vote and be a part of deciding the winners.

Wingman now live!

Brand new story live on Storiesonline!  Her pilot fantasy is getting upgraded to first class with double rewards in “Wingman”

Also in the queue at Lush, and will go in the queue at Lit as soon as submissions are working again.

My contest story for Lit, “Hung by the Chimney” got in before submissions went wonky, and it’s approved to go live somewhere around 2 a.m.

Now live on Lushstories!

Brand new story, plus an anthology of 3 new to Lit.

Brand new story live on SOL and Lush!  He’s certain he’s graduated to Lord High Emperor of the Friendzone when his beautiful friend Heaven asks him to video her masturbating for a porn site contest, but…

On Lush, where it’s been tagged as a recommended read 🙂

On Storiesonline:

I also just released a trilogy of stories on Lit under the title “Hot Shorts 2” ( which got labeled as a Ch. 02, though it isn’t, really. ) It includes “Whistle Blower”, “Parting Gift”, and “Tit For Tattle”.  A slow blow, a titfuck, and a handy, oh my!

Heaven’s ‘Bate will go up on Lit in a day or two, most likely.  I’ll update with a link when it goes live.