Stuffed & Basted going wide.

Stuffed & Basted is now available on Storiesonline!

It’s in the queue at Lush as well, and I’ll update here when it goes live.

Next one coming down the pipeline is in the queue at Lit, and it’s called “Curl & Figure”.¬† Divorced sawyer and a pretty little country girl looking for some wood ūüėČ

How I Love Them

My latest hot little quickie, “How I Love Them” is available at Lushstories!¬† Go give it a read and a vote!

This was originally going to be a website exclusive, but I changed my mind LOL¬† It is an indirect sequel with the same characters from “Do The Lotion Motion.”¬† It will be paired up with that story in an Ebook here on the website in a week or two.

Get yourself a Nude Day fix.

This posted at the first of the week, but work has kept me from getting the updates out. ¬†You can check out my latest MILF tale in the Literotica Nude Day contest right now – “Fixed Wright Up”. ¬†Link up through my latest releases page. 

It’s now in the queue at Storiesonline and Lushstories. ¬†Once it posts, the links will be in the same location.