Another new story sneaking in the back door.

Another new quickie is live on Lushstories!  She can’t afford another fender-bender, but is she going to let him rear-end her for rear-ending him?

Go give Rear-Ended a read and a vote, won’t you?

I may yet post these to Lit as anthologies, though I’d need another anal story to pair up with this one.  Have to see if an idea occurs to me.

Finally, a new story.

Finally got at least a touch of my mojo back and finished a story that’s been sitting in my WIP folder for quite a while.  If you’re up for a quick and dirty story about an older woman and a younger man in an office setting, then “Quick & Dirty Fix” is just what you’re looking for!

Now available on Storiesonline, and in the queue at Lit and Lush.

And now, it’s available on Lush!

Last, but not least, it’s available on Literotica.

Two Milf quickies in one for Lit.

“Swap Meat” and “Morning Jo” are now available on Literotica as a two story compilation.  If you like quick, hot tales of busty Milfs with hung young studs, then go give them a read and a vote, won’t you?

“Yule Snow” and “Trade In” are likewise in the queue as a compilation, and will probably go up in the next couple of days.

Get yourself a Nude Day fix.

This posted at the first of the week, but work has kept me from getting the updates out.  You can check out my latest MILF tale in the Literotica Nude Day contest right now – “Fixed Wright Up”.  Link up through my latest releases page. 

It’s now in the queue at Storiesonline and Lushstories.  Once it posts, the links will be in the same location.

Nude Day stories for Lit

“Double Booked” is back from editing and ready to go.  I’ll probably put it in the queue to post on Tuesday.  We’ll see what happens with this one when I post it to Mature instead of Group Sex, since it’s a threesome story.  I’ve always gone the group route for more than 1on1, but the May/Dec theme is just as prominent, and that category gets more readership.

I’m working on a second that I actually like more, but I don’t know if I’ll finish it in time.  It’s called “Diggin’ It” and is a play off “Savage Family Diggers” in much the same way “Pickin’ an’ Grinnin'” was a play off “American Pickers”.

Yeah, I quite enjoy the History Channel reality shows.  Can’t stand the gameshow/talent comp/Jersey Shore type stuff, but I’m not afraid to admit liking these.  Probably write takes on other such shows at some point.  I watch quite a few of them.

Depending upon whether Double Booked gets ill comments about the category, I’ll probably go that route with Diggin’ It as well.  It simply flips the coupling a little.

Closer to another illustrated story

I’m edging closer to finishing another illustrated story.  I have the plot worked out, the introduction to Samantha written, and finished several of the pics recently.

It’s going to be called “A Handy Man” and it’s a MILF tale.  The way I’m going to do these is to release the text version on the story sites with a note that an illustrated version is available on request.  The illustrated version will be up here to serve those requests, but not yet linked from the main site.

After a couple of days, I’ll link the story up to the site, and it will be available to everyone.

Also getting close to finishing my Nude Day contest story for Literotica.  I finally worked out the lead-up to the ending in my head, and just need to find the time to write it.  Haven’t been in a writing mode for a few days, which is why I picked up the illustrated story, which proved to be good timing.

I did get quite a bit of writing done last weekend, though.  One thing that’s quite nearly done is a continuation of “Jerk”.  This will eventually show up here on the website as an exclusive in a new section called “Hot Shorts”.  I want to have at least one more continuation of a story ready to go before I launch the section, though.

Feel free to make suggestions, and I’ll see if any of them spark me.

Should be new stuff coming soon!

A Sale of Two Titties Up

A Sale of Two Titties is up at Lushstories!  Completely forgot to put the link here when I linked it from Twitter and Facebook.

Mariah is down and out, and on the public dole, but she has a pair of assets she can capitalize on.  Once she summons up the courage to go through with a sale of two titties, where might it go from there with the young stud behind the camera?

I changed my mind and I’m going to go ahead and post the story at SOL and Lit before the contest at Lush ends, as well.  The contest period at Lush is just really long, and I get antsy with wanting to get new stuff in front of as many eyes as I can.

In the queue at Lit, which will probably put it out late next week.  Unless it posts on Wednesday or something, I’ll put it in the queue at SOL on Thursday for a release that day or Friday.

As I started working on the third person rewrite for Taste of Sherry, I actually had a stronger idea for a main character and how the story will turn out.  Most of the set pieces are the same, but the tweaks to the characters should make it a more exciting story.  I’ll probably start working on the new version this weekend.