Hung by the Chimney

It’s not a stocking, it’s a young stud with a surprise package that Milf Gloria is never going to forget in “Hung by the Chimney” which is now live for the Literotica Winter Holidays contest!

Go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?

I’ll put it in the queue at SOL and Lush once it’s had a few exclusive days for the contest.  “Wingman” is also in the queue at Lit now.

I’ll try to get caught up on the Ebooks for the recent release here on the website soon.

Another new story sneaking in the back door.

Another new quickie is live on Lushstories!  She can’t afford another fender-bender, but is she going to let him rear-end her for rear-ending him?

Go give Rear-Ended a read and a vote, won’t you?

I may yet post these to Lit as anthologies, though I’d need another anal story to pair up with this one.  Have to see if an idea occurs to me.

Tit For Tattle

Another brand new quickie is available on Lushstories.  When she heads up to the roof to burn one after a hard day at work, she’s caught by the Superintendent’s son.  She needs to find a way to persuade him to keep quiet about it, and his constant staring at her chest might just provide a solution.

Go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?

Finally, a new story.

Finally got at least a touch of my mojo back and finished a story that’s been sitting in my WIP folder for quite a while.  If you’re up for a quick and dirty story about an older woman and a younger man in an office setting, then “Quick & Dirty Fix” is just what you’re looking for!

Now available on Storiesonline, and in the queue at Lit and Lush.

And now, it’s available on Lush!

Last, but not least, it’s available on Literotica.

Get yourself a Nude Day fix.

This posted at the first of the week, but work has kept me from getting the updates out.  You can check out my latest MILF tale in the Literotica Nude Day contest right now – “Fixed Wright Up”.  Link up through my latest releases page. 

It’s now in the queue at Storiesonline and Lushstories.  Once it posts, the links will be in the same location.