Stuffed & Basted

Brand new Milf tale now live in the Literotica Winter Holidays contest!  Her son’s friend is going to make sure she’s well stuffed and basted this Thanksgiving!

I’ll give it a couple of days of exclusivity for the contest, and then it will start going up on Lush and SOL as well.  Go give it a read and the vote for the contest, won’t you?

Take a “Leigh Ride” at Lush!

Care for a naughty, risky, outdoor romp with a touch of Yuletide cheer?  Join Josh and Leigh as they frolic and play, fucking in a winter wonderland.

Now live for the “Winter Wonderland” contest at Lush!

It will go up on Lit and SOL once it’s had a little exclusive time for the contest.

The sequel to “Mom’s Christmas Cookie” is also in progress.  I’m hoping to finish “Mom’s Christmas Candy” before the holiday actually hits.

Hung by the Chimney

It’s not a stocking, it’s a young stud with a surprise package that Milf Gloria is never going to forget in “Hung by the Chimney” which is now live for the Literotica Winter Holidays contest!

Go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?

I’ll put it in the queue at SOL and Lush once it’s had a few exclusive days for the contest.  “Wingman” is also in the queue at Lit now.

I’ll try to get caught up on the Ebooks for the recent release here on the website soon.

Lushstories Winter Adventure contest

Even though it’s technically a Les Lumens story, I’m going to give a shout here for my contest entry at Lush, since it’s in this pen name there.  After a devastating breakup, Crystal needs a Christmas miracle to find herself again in “Harper’s Fairy”.

Go give it a read and a vote to help me out in the contest!

Will be available on SOL and Lit after it’s had some exclusive time for the contest ( under my Les pen name )

Take a look at Hooters

My latest story is now available for the Sizzlin’ Summer contest at Lushstories!

A young raptor researcher is on the hunt for a rare owl.  When he encounters a busty MILF on his quest, there are a couple of other hooters he’d like to do some extensive research on.

Go give it a read and a vote to help me out in the contest!

I’ll be putting it in the queue at Lit this evening, for an expected Tuesday or Wednesday release.  I’ll do my best to make the SOL release simultaneous.

Also just finished the first draft of “Her Flock” which is a short Femdom story to pair up with “His Gift” in the Ebook here.  Otherwise, it will be a Lush exclusive, as it’s too short for SOL and likely to draw trolls on Lit.  Pairing them together lets anyone who doesn’t find submissive men appealing an easy way to skip them both in one Ebook.

Probably won’t be out until next weekend, because my work hours are too crazy to get any editing done during the week.

Her Own Skin

Brand new story available for the Nude Day contest at Lit!  Go give it a read and a vote!

MILF is finally comfortable in her own skin at the nudist camp — right up until one of her son’s friends shows up.  He’s going to make it a Nude Day to remember.

Also have a hot little quickie live at Storiesonline.  ( Soon to be live at Lush and Literotica in a day or so, so I’m linking to my latest releases page, where you can navigate to the site of your choice )

He’s working his last day at the truck stop before heading off to college.  When his busty boss calls him back to cash his last paycheck, she offers a bonus that’s sure to satisfy.


Have a Holly Jolley Christmas.

I updated everything else, and completely forgot to update my blog LOL

Anyway, my latest story is now live!  “Holly Jolley Christmas” ( and yes, it’s spelled right, you’ll see ) is an entry in the Literotica Winter Holiday contest, so go join the 1600 others who have already contributed their vote!

This is a taboo brother/sister story, in case that gives you the heebie-jeebies and you’d like to give it a miss.  Completely understandable!

I also just put it in the queue at Storiesonline and Lushstories.  I’ll add the links here as soon as they go live.

And, lickety-split, it’s live at Storiesonline!

A little less lickety-split, it’s live at Lush. LOL

New Ebook up, and more.

Just uploaded Hot Shorts Vol. 5, which collects the stories “Pot Head” and “X-Ray(Ted) Vision”.  You can grab them from my downloads page in either Kindle compatible .prc format, or cross-platform .rtf.

I’m starting the final scene of my Winter Holiday contest story for Literotica, so it looks like I’m going to finish it in time.  I’ll probably even have time to give it a full pass of editing.  I might even get it in before the last minute.

Not bad, considering I only started putting words on paper a few days ago.  The concept has been in the works for much longer, but concepts often fall apart once they’re connected to actual words on the page.

Next up after that ( for me as RR, anyway ) will likely be another short called, “Plowed” for Lushstories.  It will serve as the second story for the Ebook here on my website with “Do the Lotion Motion”.

Not sure after that.  I have a lot of concepts, cover mock-ups, outlines, etc. sitting around, waiting for one to become the front-burner project.  I’m kind of leaning toward something called “Jessica’s Rabbit Hole” though.

It’s always possible I may come up with another idea for a short to fill in a Lush category, though.  If I do that, then I’ll need a second as a pair for the Ebook.  Vicious cycle, that.  LOL

Lush releases catch-up time.

I’ve been reposting my incest stories at Lush.  “Sunny Daze” and “Paige From Her Diary” are both up there.

I’ve also released some brand new shorts there.  I’m practicing short-form stories, ( which do well there ) filling out categories toward the Omnium badge, and getting some ideas that I couldn’t flesh out into longer stories out there.

That’s one, and then there’s this one, which is an entry in the “Boobies” contest.

Another that I just finished will be the pair for “Do the Lotion Motion” for the purposes of posting an Ebook on my website in time.  The previous pair of “Pot Head” and “X-Ray(Ted) Vision” will go up as an Ebook sometime in the next couple of days.

Working on a new brother-sister story for the Literotica Winter Holidays contest as well.