New micro and missed announcements

I was asleep at the wheel and forgot to announce my last two releases here.  The first is a quickie for the Letters and Transcripts category on Lit.  He explains himself to his bride-to-be — with a twist in “Inexcusable”

The second is a steampunk-lite tale of a wife sent to be treated for her “hysteria”.  When she meets strange and secretive Dr. Allen and her Venus Saddle, her life will never be the same again in “What Ails”

And finally, I just released a new microfiction in 100 words or less on Lush.  They’re heading home, but she has her hands in her shorts, and she’s going to town in “Road Show”

I’ll link to my latest releases page, where you can easily navigate your way to all three tales.

Special Lit Contest

A special Lit contest appeared out of the blue for stories related to the pandemic.  I originally had no plans to post these stories on Lit, because tales this short typically don’t perform well enough to merit the time to format them.

With the benefits of contest exposure, I decided the effort vs. reward calculation worked.  So head on over to Lit, give them a read and a vote, won’t you?  They’re both only about 2500 words, so it won’t take a lot of time out of your day 🙂

In “Golden Rolls”, when T.P. is scarce due to panic buying, you might just have to make some unusual trades to get what you need.

In “Closing the Distance” they’re separated because he’s an essential worker, and she has autoimmune issues.  They’re both desperate to connect intimately, and his shy bride to be surprises him with a way to do just that.

And another new story live.

Just posted a rare romantic ( but still naughty ) short story to Lush.  Two lovers separated by a pandemic find a way to stoke the fires of their intimacy despite the distance between them.

Go give “Closing the Distance” a read and a vote, won’t you?

At Heaven’s ‘Bate on Lit

“At Heaven’s ‘Bate” is now live on Literotica!  Pop on over to give it a read and a vote if you’re a Literotica reader!

More stuff in the works, both as RR and as Darkniciad.  I have a lot of time off near the end of the year, so I’m hoping my muse doesn’t decide to take a vacation while I’m on vacation.  LOL

Brand new story, plus an anthology of 3 new to Lit.

Brand new story live on SOL and Lush!  He’s certain he’s graduated to Lord High Emperor of the Friendzone when his beautiful friend Heaven asks him to video her masturbating for a porn site contest, but…

On Lush, where it’s been tagged as a recommended read 🙂

On Storiesonline:

I also just released a trilogy of stories on Lit under the title “Hot Shorts 2” ( which got labeled as a Ch. 02, though it isn’t, really. ) It includes “Whistle Blower”, “Parting Gift”, and “Tit For Tattle”.  A slow blow, a titfuck, and a handy, oh my!

Heaven’s ‘Bate will go up on Lit in a day or two, most likely.  I’ll update with a link when it goes live.

Lush releases catch-up time.

I’ve been reposting my incest stories at Lush.  “Sunny Daze” and “Paige From Her Diary” are both up there.

I’ve also released some brand new shorts there.  I’m practicing short-form stories, ( which do well there ) filling out categories toward the Omnium badge, and getting some ideas that I couldn’t flesh out into longer stories out there.

That’s one, and then there’s this one, which is an entry in the “Boobies” contest.

Another that I just finished will be the pair for “Do the Lotion Motion” for the purposes of posting an Ebook on my website in time.  The previous pair of “Pot Head” and “X-Ray(Ted) Vision” will go up as an Ebook sometime in the next couple of days.

Working on a new brother-sister story for the Literotica Winter Holidays contest as well.

A quickie for Lush

Just put a short Les Lumens stroker in the queue at Lush called “Amy Awakened”

When her handsome chat buddy forgets to turn off his new webcam, he gives her a show that leaves her breathless.  Where might it go from there?

Working on a new story, but it’s for the Nude Day contest at Lit, so even though I’ll probably finish it this weekend, it won’t come out for close to a month.