New micro and missed announcements

I was asleep at the wheel and forgot to announce my last two releases here.  The first is a quickie for the Letters and Transcripts category on Lit.  He explains himself to his bride-to-be — with a twist in “Inexcusable”

The second is a steampunk-lite tale of a wife sent to be treated for her “hysteria”.  When she meets strange and secretive Dr. Allen and her Venus Saddle, her life will never be the same again in “What Ails”

And finally, I just released a new microfiction in 100 words or less on Lush.  They’re heading home, but she has her hands in her shorts, and she’s going to town in “Road Show”

I’ll link to my latest releases page, where you can easily navigate your way to all three tales.

Microfiction #2

Just posted another microfiction story ( 100 words or less ) to the new category on Lush.

A mercy fuck takes and unexpected and pleasant turn in “In Mercy She Finds”

It won’t take that long, so go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?

Still deciding how I’m going to make these available here on the website.  Since they all have images attached to them ( it was originally a requirement, and now a suggestion for the category ) I may make these illustrated Ebooks once I have a half dozen or so of them to put together.  If I don’t decide to go that route, I may just post them to forum threads instead.