A little merger.

Well, those two ideas I had to pair up with Lotion Motion and His Gift ended up melding in my head.  What I ended up with was a story called “Smooth Operator” that’s a normal length story, and combines elements of both.  It’s a cheating story that has a shaving/shower fetish, plus some kinky edged, borderline rough sex.

Just finished the first draft, and it’s long enough that I’ll end up posting it to all three sites.  It should fit nicely in the fetish category at Lit.

So I still need short pair-ups for those two stories, but oh well!

I’ll start editing them whenever my work schedule and the resulting exhaustion that causes allows.

Unleashed Ebook, and new stories.

Finally remembered ( and found time ) to get the Ebook of “Unleashed” on the downloads page.


I also finished a new story called “Selfie Stuck” a few days ago, which will end up in the “Reluctance” category at Lushstories.  Not sure where it will go at Lit.  I don’t think it really meshes well with the Non-con/Reluctance readers at Lit, but that may be the only applicable category.  The female being the dominant isn’t the standard preference there.

Also, just finished a quickie called “His Gift” for the “Cuckold” category at Lush.  It’s too short to post at Lit on its own, and too edgy to combine with anything else I have available at the moment, so it will probably remain a Lush exclusive until I have something to pair it with and put in the Fetish category as another “Hot Shorts” collection or something.  It’s actually Wittol, as the husband is a willing participant.

Both are first drafts, and haven’t been edited at all, so it will be a bit before either of them post.  Because they’re more or less tailored to Lush, they’ll go up there first.

“His Gift” will be the short story I need to combine with “Do the Lotion Motion” for the Ebook in my downloads section, though.  They’re not exactly complimentary stories, but I’ll put “His Gift” second, so those who only want Lotion Motion can read it and back away before getting to the new one.

It’s been a busy couple of months, but new stuff is finally coming again.

New Ebook up, and more.

Just uploaded Hot Shorts Vol. 5, which collects the stories “Pot Head” and “X-Ray(Ted) Vision”.  You can grab them from my downloads page in either Kindle compatible .prc format, or cross-platform .rtf.


I’m starting the final scene of my Winter Holiday contest story for Literotica, so it looks like I’m going to finish it in time.  I’ll probably even have time to give it a full pass of editing.  I might even get it in before the last minute.

Not bad, considering I only started putting words on paper a few days ago.  The concept has been in the works for much longer, but concepts often fall apart once they’re connected to actual words on the page.

Next up after that ( for me as RR, anyway ) will likely be another short called, “Plowed” for Lushstories.  It will serve as the second story for the Ebook here on my website with “Do the Lotion Motion”.

Not sure after that.  I have a lot of concepts, cover mock-ups, outlines, etc. sitting around, waiting for one to become the front-burner project.  I’m kind of leaning toward something called “Jessica’s Rabbit Hole” though.

It’s always possible I may come up with another idea for a short to fill in a Lush category, though.  If I do that, then I’ll need a second as a pair for the Ebook.  Vicious cycle, that.  LOL

Old category returning to Lushstories

Looks like Lush finally realized that staying afloat without the incest category wasn’t working.  Their traffic dropped by 50% when they removed it, and even going to a pay model didn’t do the trick, it seems.

Against vehement protests from the same people who gloated when it was removed, the category is back.  So, over the coming days, I’ll be uploading some of my stories again.

First up will be Sunny Daze.  It’s already in the queue.  I think I’ll go with Paige From Her Diary next.

I probably won’t be posting the Adam stories there any time soon.  That’s a lot of chapters, and I doubt any of the stories in this category are going to be approved quickly.  I also probably won’t post No Purer Love, as that story is pretty week.  The structure is all wonky, and I’ve never been really happy with it on re-reads.

Mom’s Stocking Stuffer and Peppermint Patty will go in the queue some time in December to take advantage of the season.

That leaves the two Kindled chapters and Mom’s Second Chance, which will probably hit right after Paige.

Meanwhile, I also have a quickie off for editing to post in the voyeur category there ( working on getting my Omnium badge by posting in every category, plus I needed another short to team up with “Pot Head” for the Ebook here. )

Also working on a story for the “Boobies” contest at Lush and the Winter Holiday contest at Lit.  No clue if I’ll finish either of them in time for the contest or even the season.  If not, they’ll go in the next year folder and I’ll try again then.

Musing about a story in progress

“Like Riding a Bike” is out at SOL and Lush.  I posted the updates on Twitter, Facebook, the website, and my forum, but time was tight before work, so I skipped the update here, and apparently forgot when I got home :p

Then I turned right around and forgot to post about the new Website Exclusive short story, “Sucksess” here as well.

You can link up to them from the website if you missed them.

Now, on to what I clicked “New Post” over.  I’ve been working on a story called, “A Fine Substitute” and I’m a good distance into the final sex scene.  Problem is, it feels flat.

I put it down to think about it, and ended up wandering to the forum at Lit.  In the process of responding to a post, I got to thinking that I haven’t posted a MILF story from the woman’s point of view for a long time.  All of the recent ones have been from the guy’s perspective.

Then that thought merged with the new story.  I think the problem is that there’s not enough over-the-top excitement for the guy in the story.  The MILF is exactly what the title says — a substitute.  A fine one, but a substitute, nonetheless.  He’s into it, but not “oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening!” excited.

The MILF, on the other hand, is looking for a substitute for her vibrator.  Getting into bed with a young stud is going to provide that “best day ever!” feeling for her.

I’m going to try flipping the script on this one and start a version coming from her perspective to see how it goes.  It might very well solve the flat feeling of the story, and it certainly would put a new entry in a neglected segment of my dominant genre.

Nude Day story in progress

Dug the start of a story out of my “Next Year” folder and it was singing to me, so I picked it back up for this year’s Nude Day contest at Lit.

I’m already into the sex, so it shouldn’t be too long before it’s finished.  Dipping back into the MILF well again with this tale.

Vicki will go into the queue at Lit today for an expected Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning release, and I’ll get it in the queue at SOL to hopefully release at the same general time.

Still have “A Fine Substitute” sitting at the beginning of the sex, waiting for me to pick it back up as well.  The two contest stories took priority when I had to take a break from my Magic of the Wood story as Les.

Had another flash of inspiration, so I have an outline for another story built up and ready to roll as well.  Should be at least a couple coming soon to all three sites.