Step in the Right Direction

Brand new taboo story is now live on Storiesonline!  John’s marriage is on the rocks, but he’s really doing nothing to plan for the inevitable exit.  His stepdaughter Jilly provides some rather compelling inspiration to move on to the next chapter of his life in “Step in the Right Direction”.

And now live on Lush!

And now live on Literotica!

Prequel to “Coming In Third”

Yet another brand new story is live, and it’s a prequel to “Coming In Third” which tells the full story of the event that kicked off his reputation as a legendary player in town.  Hop back in time for a little late 80s or very early 90s fun ( didn’t actually do the math, but the pertinent details are the same for either LOL )  Now available on Lush and SOL!

No Lit release for this one, because although I could probably fudge factor it, he doesn’t meet the 18 bar in my head, and neither does his girlfriend at the time.

Ebooks and Christmas Cookie Release

“Mom’s Christmas Cookie” is available on SOL, if you haven’t noticed yet.  The first two parts are available on Lush, but the third part has been languishing in the queue for going on two days now.  They’re taking their sweet assed time approving it.

You can find the links on my Latest Releases page.

I also uploaded the Ebooks for “Zero Qualms”, “Mom’s Christmas Cookie”, “White Knight to Queen’s Nook”, and “Interruptus”.  Also available is “Hot Shorts Vol. 8”, which collects the stories “Feeding Her Flock” and “Taming Her Flock”.

You can find them on my Downloads Page.


A Christmas Cookie and some rough sex.

Two brand new stories are live!

In “Mom’s Christmas Cookie”, which is my entry in the Literotica Winter Holiday contest, a son finds out his Mom’s hot, big titty friend is moving in with her.  He sets up a spy cam in hopes of seeing some skin, and gets far more than he bargained for.  Mom’s friend is so much more than that.

In “Zero Qualms”, which is currently available on Lushstories and Storiesonline, his wife has a craving for rough sex every so often.  He’s never been able to overcome his protective instincts to go full bore, the way she really wants.  Her orchestrated campaign of minor annoyances mingle with an already crappy day to create a monster that she’s going to love.

I’m going to cheat and just link to my latest releases page.

Christmas Cookie will come out on SOL and Lush once it’s had some exclusive time for the contest.  Zero Qualms is already in the queue at Lit, and my guess is that it will come out on Friday or Saturday.

My latest releases page will be updated with the new links when both stories come out on the other sites.

Old category returning to Lushstories

Looks like Lush finally realized that staying afloat without the incest category wasn’t working.  Their traffic dropped by 50% when they removed it, and even going to a pay model didn’t do the trick, it seems.

Against vehement protests from the same people who gloated when it was removed, the category is back.  So, over the coming days, I’ll be uploading some of my stories again.

First up will be Sunny Daze.  It’s already in the queue.  I think I’ll go with Paige From Her Diary next.

I probably won’t be posting the Adam stories there any time soon.  That’s a lot of chapters, and I doubt any of the stories in this category are going to be approved quickly.  I also probably won’t post No Purer Love, as that story is pretty week.  The structure is all wonky, and I’ve never been really happy with it on re-reads.

Mom’s Stocking Stuffer and Peppermint Patty will go in the queue some time in December to take advantage of the season.

That leaves the two Kindled chapters and Mom’s Second Chance, which will probably hit right after Paige.

Meanwhile, I also have a quickie off for editing to post in the voyeur category there ( working on getting my Omnium badge by posting in every category, plus I needed another short to team up with “Pot Head” for the Ebook here. )

Also working on a story for the “Boobies” contest at Lush and the Winter Holiday contest at Lit.  No clue if I’ll finish either of them in time for the contest or even the season.  If not, they’ll go in the next year folder and I’ll try again then.

Closer to Sunny Daze

Long, annoying day at work yesterday.  I managed to finish the first cold read of “Sunny Daze” between last night and this morning, but it still needs to run through the three-step process of my first-pass edit before I send it off to my editor.

That other idea I had for the Autumn Equinox contest started feeling a little exploitative and creepy to me as I wrote it, so I ended up dropping it.  It may still work if I change Dawn’s personality and background, but I’m going to have to think about it.  Doing that will also change how some other elements in the story will have to work.

Here comes another one.

Just finished the first draft of another story for the Summer Lovin’ contest at Lit.  It’s a taboo brother/sister tale called “Sunny Daze”.

I’ll edit it in the upcoming week, and submit it to come out ( if all goes well ) Friday morning.

Also just started a new short story for my Hot Shorts page.  It’s called “Lot Lizard” and could very well come out before Sunny Daze.  I already know it’s going to be a quickie, and it won’t take very long to either write or edit.

Also have a good idea for the Lushstories Autumn Equinox contest.  Odds are that I’ll start that one as soon as I finish “Lot Lizard”.  It’s going to be called “Full Filled” I believe.

So keep your eyes open.  New red hot tales are coming your way!

EDIT ( a little later in the day ): And, “Lot Lizard” is done 🙂  It’s a short enough story that I’ll probably do the read-through and edit today, then send it off for final editing tonight.

On to “Full Filled” 😀