A Belated Gift

My latest story, “A Belated Gift” is now available on Lush and SOL!  If you have a hankering for a hot little story with a touch of sweetness about an older man and a sweet young thing, then this is the story for you!

Tagged as a Recommended Read by the mods at Lush ta boot 🙂

I’m going to cheat and link to my Latest Release page, because I forgot to update the links for “Leigh Ride” when it went live on SOL and Lit.  Those links plus the links for Belated Gift can be easily located there, for wherever you choose to read.


It’s in the queue at Lit, and will probably be out in a day or two.

Also, you might want to check out my downloads page, because I just caught up with a bunch of recent releases to make the Ebooks available in Kindle compatible .prc and cross-platform .rtf


Also Also, keep your eyes open for two brand new ( almost ) flash erotica stories going live on my “Hot Shorts” page very soon.  They’re both finished, edited, and in the database, ready to release sometime later in the week exclusively on my website.  I hadn’t posted anything new to that section for a while, and it was time 🙂

Ebooks and Christmas Cookie Release

“Mom’s Christmas Cookie” is available on SOL, if you haven’t noticed yet.  The first two parts are available on Lush, but the third part has been languishing in the queue for going on two days now.  They’re taking their sweet assed time approving it.

You can find the links on my Latest Releases page.


I also uploaded the Ebooks for “Zero Qualms”, “Mom’s Christmas Cookie”, “White Knight to Queen’s Nook”, and “Interruptus”.  Also available is “Hot Shorts Vol. 8”, which collects the stories “Feeding Her Flock” and “Taming Her Flock”.

You can find them on my Downloads Page.



Ebook Bonanza

A bit of an Ebook bonanza as I catch up with recent releases.  “Fill ‘Er Up”, “Her Own Skin”, “Hooters” and “Hot Shorts Vol. 7” are now available in my downloads section.


Also updated the links to the ebooks in “My Stories” for several recent Ebook releases that I’d forgotten to update.  That should all be caught up and correct now.

Just finished the first draft of a follow-up story to “Her Flock”, which will fill the BDSM category ( emphasis on the B for Bondage ) at Lush.  It’s called “Feeding Her Flock” and continues the Femdom theme.  So if that and creampie eating aren’t your thing..  LOL

Should be out next weekend.

There will be one more in this series, creating a trilogy that I might consider posting in a single submission to Lit and SOL.  That’s still up in the air.  The title of the third one is “Taming Her Flock” and will fill the Spanking category at Lush.

Also working on a Summer Lovin’ contest story for Lit.  Since all my incest stories in this name have been sibling, I decided to throw an aunt into the mix with the siblings this time for “Hot in June x2”  In progress, but the way my work schedule has been, no idea if I’ll actually finish it in time.

Triple Ebook Release

Three new Ebooks are now available in my downloads section.  You can grab your copies of “Smooth Operator”, “Coming In Third” from my downloads page.

Also available is “Hot Shorts Vol. 6” which collects “Do the Lotion Motion” and “How I Love Them”, two big tit lover shorts previously only available on Lushstories.

All three Ebooks are available in Kindle compatible .prc format, and in cross-platform RTF format.


Coming In Third

My latest story, “Coming In Third” is now available on Lushstories and Storiesonline!  ( In the queue at Lit, and should be out in a few days )



I also just uploaded “Selfie Stuck” to my downloads section in Kindle compatible .prc format, and cross-platform .rtf for your offline reading pleasure.  Lit readers might be especially interested in this one, as it didn’t come out there.


Unleashed Ebook, and new stories.

Finally remembered ( and found time ) to get the Ebook of “Unleashed” on the downloads page.


I also finished a new story called “Selfie Stuck” a few days ago, which will end up in the “Reluctance” category at Lushstories.  Not sure where it will go at Lit.  I don’t think it really meshes well with the Non-con/Reluctance readers at Lit, but that may be the only applicable category.  The female being the dominant isn’t the standard preference there.

Also, just finished a quickie called “His Gift” for the “Cuckold” category at Lush.  It’s too short to post at Lit on its own, and too edgy to combine with anything else I have available at the moment, so it will probably remain a Lush exclusive until I have something to pair it with and put in the Fetish category as another “Hot Shorts” collection or something.  It’s actually Wittol, as the husband is a willing participant.

Both are first drafts, and haven’t been edited at all, so it will be a bit before either of them post.  Because they’re more or less tailored to Lush, they’ll go up there first.

“His Gift” will be the short story I need to combine with “Do the Lotion Motion” for the Ebook in my downloads section, though.  They’re not exactly complimentary stories, but I’ll put “His Gift” second, so those who only want Lotion Motion can read it and back away before getting to the new one.

It’s been a busy couple of months, but new stuff is finally coming again.

New Ebook up, and more.

Just uploaded Hot Shorts Vol. 5, which collects the stories “Pot Head” and “X-Ray(Ted) Vision”.  You can grab them from my downloads page in either Kindle compatible .prc format, or cross-platform .rtf.


I’m starting the final scene of my Winter Holiday contest story for Literotica, so it looks like I’m going to finish it in time.  I’ll probably even have time to give it a full pass of editing.  I might even get it in before the last minute.

Not bad, considering I only started putting words on paper a few days ago.  The concept has been in the works for much longer, but concepts often fall apart once they’re connected to actual words on the page.

Next up after that ( for me as RR, anyway ) will likely be another short called, “Plowed” for Lushstories.  It will serve as the second story for the Ebook here on my website with “Do the Lotion Motion”.

Not sure after that.  I have a lot of concepts, cover mock-ups, outlines, etc. sitting around, waiting for one to become the front-burner project.  I’m kind of leaning toward something called “Jessica’s Rabbit Hole” though.

It’s always possible I may come up with another idea for a short to fill in a Lush category, though.  If I do that, then I’ll need a second as a pair for the Ebook.  Vicious cycle, that.  LOL

New Ebooks Available

Two new Ebooks are now available:  “Quite Neighborly” and “Hot Shorts Vol. 4”, which collects “She Needs” and “Overdue”.  The first was a Lush exclusive, so if you only read on another site, here’s your chance to give it a read.

They’re both available in Kindle compatible .prc format and in cross-platform RTF on my downloads page.