Coming In Third at Lit

Coming In Third has finally hit at Literotica.  Go give it a read and a vote here.

It also hit #1 on weekly downloads at SOL, which tickles me 😀

I’m getting the edit on “Smooth Operator” going now, with “How I Love Them” in the pipeline next.  More to come after that, but not sure which one is going to fly the fastest.

Coming In Third

My latest story, “Coming In Third” is now available on Lushstories and Storiesonline!  ( In the queue at Lit, and should be out in a few days )

I also just uploaded “Selfie Stuck” to my downloads section in Kindle compatible .prc format, and cross-platform .rtf for your offline reading pleasure.  Lit readers might be especially interested in this one, as it didn’t come out there.

Catching up

My work hours have been crazy, and I didn’t have the energy to update my blog with my two most recent stories.

“Selfie Stuck” is a reluctance story where a teacher finds himself in hot water, and even hotter pussy.  It’s available on both Storiesonline and Lushstories.

Not available on Lit because one of the characters is 17, if that is something you’d rather avoid.

“His Gift” is a quickie about a very special relationship between a husband and wife, available on Lushstories.

This story is wittol ( willing cuckold ) if that’s something that you’d rather avoid.

I’ve finished the first draft of a new story called “Coming in Third” that I’ll be editing soon.  It will be a full, three site release.  I’m also working on a story called “Hint of Cream” that’s a bisexual male story.  It’s slated for Lushstories, but I may decide to post it on SOL as well.  There just isn’t a good category for it on Lit.

Have an idea for another fetish quickie, which I would end up pairing with “Do the Lotion Motion” for the Ebook here.  I was going to use “His Gift” for that, but decided that the two stories simply weren’t compatible.  This new quickie is far more similar to Lotion Motion.  Because it will be really short, it will likely be a Lush exclusive.

As to pairing up with “His Gift”, I have an idea for a cheating quickie.  It’s likely to be a Lush exclusive as well.  The really short stories simply don’t fly as well at Lit and SOL.

Also trying to muse ideas for the “Mask” contest at Lushstories and the Nude Day contest at Lit.

Positively Pawnographic

I finally finished a new story and it’s live on Literotica and Storiesonline.

Go give “Pawnographic” a read and a vote at the site of your choice!

( Because it exceeds Lush’s single-submission length and I don’t want to chop it into two parts, it won’t be posting there )

Pawnographic on Lit

Pawnographic on SOL

“Incredible” news.

First, apologies for not posting the Lit and SOL links here on my blog, Twitter, or Facebook.  I don’t have any real excuse other than laziness.  You can find them linked on those sites from the website, either on the Latest Releases or My Stories pages.

As to the news, it’s doing well in the contest at Lush.  More comments than the bulk of the stories in the contest, a solid vote total ( at least if my timeline count is correct, since actual vote totals aren’t shown while a contest is running ) and better than average view numbers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean jack with respect to placing in the contest.  The only thing the reader voting counts toward is the 10 votes to qualify.  Everything else is up to a panel of judges.

At Lit, it’s my third story outside a contest to break the 1000 vote mark.  It’s pulled in over 40 story favorites, quite a few ( rare, nowadays ) public comments, and a few emails.  It has solid view numbers, and a better than 2% vote to view ratio, which is great for Lit.  Holding a 4.67 score as well, which is nice.

The author favorites coming in after posting this story have also pushed me over the bar into the top 200 all-time favorite authors on Lit, and still climbing.

On SOL, it has a solid score, and has garnered a couple of emails ( also somewhat of a rare thing ) The big things there are that it picked up a glowing review on the site, and climbed all the way to #3 on the weekly downloads list.  On a site with such a bias toward epics, having a short story pull in those kind of download numbers tickles me.

Even before all that good news started coming in, I was working on follow-ups, though.  I don’t usually do that in this pen name, but these characters were still talking to me, and doing so loudly, so I’m writing it down.  I’m probably three quarters through a Ch. 2, with at least a Ch. 3 to come.

There’s even a possibility of a website exclusive, non-canon addition of it that fulfills a request I seem to get every time I write one of these stories with these character archetypes.  We’ll see about that.  All of the stories on my “Hot Shorts” page so far are unconnected one-shots, and I’d always intended to post continuations of stories there for readers who visit the website.

Anyway, that’s all the news for now.