Take a “Leigh Ride” at Lush!

Care for a naughty, risky, outdoor romp with a touch of Yuletide cheer?  Join Josh and Leigh as they frolic and play, fucking in a winter wonderland.

Now live for the “Winter Wonderland” contest at Lush!


It will go up on Lit and SOL once it’s had a little exclusive time for the contest.

The sequel to “Mom’s Christmas Cookie” is also in progress.  I’m hoping to finish “Mom’s Christmas Candy” before the holiday actually hits.

She’s a “Smooth Operator”

My latest story, “Smooth Operator” is now available at Lushstories and Storiesonline.  It’s also in the queue at Literotica.

Tagged as a Recommended Read on Lushstories!

His gf freaks out when he reveals his shaving kink. Her sister, however, thinks it’s hot, and the smooth operator is sliding in to take advantage of the situation.

On Lush: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/cheating/smooth-operator.aspx

On Storiesonline: http://www.storiesonline.net/sex-story/18076