Silence is Goldwyn

Brand new story going live on all three sites!  A virgin catches his former teacher having an affair with the principal, and he can scarcely believe it when she offers to buy his silence with a blowjob.

Already available on Lit and SOL, and in the queue at Lush, so I’ll link to my latest releases page here, and you can link up to your preferred site from there.

More stories in the pipeline as well.

It’s not always bad to be a “Late Comer”

He’s always late to the party, but this time…

Brand new story now live on Lush!  Go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?

Late Comers

I’ve also started posting some anthologies of stories that SOL readers missed out on, so if you’re exclusively an SOL reader, it’s better late than never to give “Yule Snow” and “Trade In” a read in “Hot Shorts Vol. 01” on SOL

Hot Shorts Vol. 1

Best Part of Waking Up

It’s been entirely too long since I added something to the Hot Shorts page, so I’m fixing that right now.  My latest erotica quickie is now live, and exclusive to my website.

It’s the first morning waking up after moving in with his girlfriend.  Coffee is only a part of his wake-up call.

Best Part of Waking Up

I have a second new story waiting in the wings, and I’ll put it up either late Saturday night or Sunday, so watch this space, or wherever you keep track of my releases.  It’s another story that will be exclusive to my website Hot Shorts page.


Take a “Leigh Ride” at Lush!

Care for a naughty, risky, outdoor romp with a touch of Yuletide cheer?  Join Josh and Leigh as they frolic and play, fucking in a winter wonderland.

Now live for the “Winter Wonderland” contest at Lush!

It will go up on Lit and SOL once it’s had a little exclusive time for the contest.

The sequel to “Mom’s Christmas Cookie” is also in progress.  I’m hoping to finish “Mom’s Christmas Candy” before the holiday actually hits.

New quickie on Lush

A brand new quickie just went live on Lushstories.  The janitor of the school — a discharged vet struggling to make it in the world outside the service — witnesses the head coach of the football team taking advantage of a cheerleader after hours.

He confides in a teacher he trusts, but now he has to face the school board as a witness, and he’s a nervous wreck.  Ms. Perry is going to help him calm down and do the right thing, no matter what it takes.

Go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?

Most likely will be a Lush exclusive, as it’s so short that it doesn’t really fit the readership on Lit or SOL.  Always a possibility I’ll include it in an anthology on Lit, as I have with some of my other shorts, but for now, no plans to.


My latest story is live at Lushstories, and tagged as a Recommended Read!

( Be warned, this is a bi-male threesome story, so if guys getting touchie feelie isn’t your thing, run, run away!  LOL )

If that sort of thing floats your boat, head on over and give “Interruptus” a read and a vote, won’t you?

Also in the queue at Storiesonline, and should be up in the morning, at which point I’ll update here with a link.

And, it’s live on SOL:

No Lit release for this one, because this genre doesn’t really have a home there where it won’t get slammed with low votes and nasty commentary.