Silence is Goldwyn

Brand new story going live on all three sites!  A virgin catches his former teacher having an affair with the principal, and he can scarcely believe it when she offers to buy his silence with a blowjob.

Already available on Lit and SOL, and in the queue at Lush, so I’ll link to my latest releases page here, and you can link up to your preferred site from there.

More stories in the pipeline as well.

Another day, another new story.

Brand new story available on Lushstories and Storiesonline!  Go give “White Knight to Queen’s Nook” a read and a vote on your preferred site!

No Lit release for this one either, because the MC is 16, and I feel as if aging him up comes across as beyond my personal bar of believability.

Jerk Pt. 2 is live on Lushstories!

My first continuation of a story is live at Lush!

Jerk Pt. 2

Jason’s Mom is back to make amends for her son’s bad behavior, but Tim is pushing for more than just handjobs this time.

In the queue at SOL and Literotica.  Should go live at SOL either tonight or tomorrow.  I’ll post a link here when it does.  Will probably go live at Literotica on Tuesday morning.

And now it’s up on SOL.  Jerk Pt. 2 on SOL

Hmmm… this one may be more.

I still haven’t quite finished the sequel to Jerk yet.  I read back through it today before kicking back into writing, and I’m starting to think that it may have enough development to qualify as a chapter 2 for the story sites.

Even as I type this, I’m growing more convinced.

The ending in my head leaves it open to another sequel, too LOL

If it does post on the story sites, it will probably be titled as Jerk Pt. 2 and be in the First Time cat on Lit and Lush.  Odds are that it won’t be the most popular thing there, as that category leans heavily toward young girls losing their virginity, but the original wasn’t exactly a blockbuster in Toys and Masturbation either LOL

Posting to the story sites would inevitably delay the launch of the Hot Shorts section, but I doubt people will mind much.  I’ll make the final decision once it’s back from editing.

There’s a preview of my next illustrated story on the forum, BTW.