Stuffed & Basted

Brand new Milf tale now live in the Literotica Winter Holidays contest!  Her son’s friend is going to make sure she’s well stuffed and basted this Thanksgiving!

I’ll give it a couple of days of exclusivity for the contest, and then it will start going up on Lush and SOL as well.  Go give it a read and the vote for the contest, won’t you?

Best Part of Waking Up

It’s been entirely too long since I added something to the Hot Shorts page, so I’m fixing that right now.  My latest erotica quickie is now live, and exclusive to my website.

It’s the first morning waking up after moving in with his girlfriend.  Coffee is only a part of his wake-up call.

Best Part of Waking Up

I have a second new story waiting in the wings, and I’ll put it up either late Saturday night or Sunday, so watch this space, or wherever you keep track of my releases.  It’s another story that will be exclusive to my website Hot Shorts page.