Take a “Leigh Ride” at Lush!

Care for a naughty, risky, outdoor romp with a touch of Yuletide cheer?  Join Josh and Leigh as they frolic and play, fucking in a winter wonderland.

Now live for the “Winter Wonderland” contest at Lush!


It will go up on Lit and SOL once it’s had a little exclusive time for the contest.

The sequel to “Mom’s Christmas Cookie” is also in progress.  I’m hoping to finish “Mom’s Christmas Candy” before the holiday actually hits.

New locations for Wingman and Hung by the Chimney

“Hung by the Chimney is now live at Storiesonline!  It’s in the queue at Lush, and I’ll update with that link when it goes live there.



“Wingman” is also set to go live on Literotica sometime between 1 and 2 a.m. Eastern.  So keep your eyes open for that link below if you’re a Lit reader.  Don’t forget to check the posts below and read “Hung by the Chimney” on Lit if you haven’t yet.  It’s a contest story, so cast your vote and be a part of deciding the winners.


Hung by the Chimney

It’s not a stocking, it’s a young stud with a surprise package that Milf Gloria is never going to forget in “Hung by the Chimney” which is now live for the Literotica Winter Holidays contest!

Go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?


I’ll put it in the queue at SOL and Lush once it’s had a few exclusive days for the contest.  “Wingman” is also in the queue at Lit now.

I’ll try to get caught up on the Ebooks for the recent release here on the website soon.

Have a Holly Jolley Christmas.

I updated everything else, and completely forgot to update my blog LOL

Anyway, my latest story is now live!  “Holly Jolley Christmas” ( and yes, it’s spelled right, you’ll see ) is an entry in the Literotica Winter Holiday contest, so go join the 1600 others who have already contributed their vote!


This is a taboo brother/sister story, in case that gives you the heebie-jeebies and you’d like to give it a miss.  Completely understandable!

I also just put it in the queue at Storiesonline and Lushstories.  I’ll add the links here as soon as they go live.

And, lickety-split, it’s live at Storiesonline!


A little less lickety-split, it’s live at Lush. LOL


Christmas treats for DL

Just added two Christmas favorites to the downloads page.  You can grab a copy of “Peppermint Patty” or “Up the Chimney” right here in Kindle .prc or .rtf format for your offline reading pleasure.


New quickie back from editing, and will probably go up on Lush tomorrow.  Still leaning toward this one being a Lush exclusive.

Up the Chimney

Up the Chimney is now available at Lushstories.

You can give it a read right here: Up the Chimney

As to taking off the mask, anyone reading me on Lush has probably noticed.  I’m bringing this pen name into the fold.  To check out the rest of my work, if you haven’t seen it before, head over to the home page of Darkniciad.com.

You’ll need to sign up there and set your image filters in order to see the page images and covers on the website, unlike this one.  No obligation to post or anything else, although you’re certainly welcome to 🙂

Another Les story will post tomorrow at Lush, and then Peppermint Patty will go live there.

I’m going to keep the websites separate, and generally go about my business as if this pen name is separate from the other two.  The only real change is acknowledging them as mine.  This pen name was an experiment to see how I could do without name recognition, and it’s not only been a success, but quite fun.

Hoping to have some new stuff out soon.  My hours at work have just been stupid, and it’s worn me down.

Holiday contest stories

Just about to hit the good part of “Extra Stuffing” at about 2500 words in, so this one should come out right at my preferred word count range.  Should be nice and hot, too.

I think I may have come up with a way to salvage “Christmas in Eve”.  For one thing, I’m going to hack out an early sex scene.  That alone will up the tension, and replacing it with a few other scenes should amp it up even more.

We’ll see how it goes.

If the fix works, I’ll finish that and then think about “Christmas Carolyn”.  ( bro-sis ) or maybe try to write that story for Lush’s “Spice It Up” contest.  Considering I have longer for the Lit contest than Lush’s, if the idea that I have is workable, I probably should start with the Lush story.