Silence is Goldwyn

Brand new story going live on all three sites!  A virgin catches his former teacher having an affair with the principal, and he can scarcely believe it when she offers to buy his silence with a blowjob.

Already available on Lit and SOL, and in the queue at Lush, so I’ll link to my latest releases page here, and you can link up to your preferred site from there.

More stories in the pipeline as well.

New story, and a missed announcement

Brand new quickie Milf story just went live on Lushstories!  When she tells her friend and co-worker that what she really needs is a man to eat her pussy, make her come, and then fuck off, she has no idea her son’s best friend is standing right behind her.

Not only did he overhear it, but he’s all in to help her out with that.

You can link up through my latest releases page.

While you’re there, if you missed it, you can also check out “You Serious?”  I somehow forgot to post about it here, though it ended up everywhere else.  His girlfriend wants him to fuck her BFF?  Seriously?

This one is doing exceptionally well, with over 1000 votes on Lit and #1 on the all-time popular list of Lushstories.  Give it a go, and don’t forget to vote if you haven’t yet!  It’s available on all three sites.

New Quickie

Brand new quickie available on Lushstories.  When he tells a little white lie on behalf of his sister’s hot friend, it results in a big white mess in “Liar’s Boon”

I’ve also posted a couple of microfiction stories on Lush in recent days, so check them out as well 🙂

“Fixed Wright Up” became my 19th “Famous” story on Lush recently, meaning it passed 30k views.

Another much longer story is nearly complete, which will go on all three sites.  There’s a better than average chance it will be a two-parter akin to “Rim Fire -> Bored Out” as well.

Special Lit Contest

A special Lit contest appeared out of the blue for stories related to the pandemic.  I originally had no plans to post these stories on Lit, because tales this short typically don’t perform well enough to merit the time to format them.

With the benefits of contest exposure, I decided the effort vs. reward calculation worked.  So head on over to Lit, give them a read and a vote, won’t you?  They’re both only about 2500 words, so it won’t take a lot of time out of your day 🙂

In “Golden Rolls”, when T.P. is scarce due to panic buying, you might just have to make some unusual trades to get what you need.

In “Closing the Distance” they’re separated because he’s an essential worker, and she has autoimmune issues.  They’re both desperate to connect intimately, and his shy bride to be surprises him with a way to do just that.

Microfiction #2

Just posted another microfiction story ( 100 words or less ) to the new category on Lush.

A mercy fuck takes and unexpected and pleasant turn in “In Mercy She Finds”

It won’t take that long, so go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?

Still deciding how I’m going to make these available here on the website.  Since they all have images attached to them ( it was originally a requirement, and now a suggestion for the category ) I may make these illustrated Ebooks once I have a half dozen or so of them to put together.  If I don’t decide to go that route, I may just post them to forum threads instead.

The Doctor is in.

Brand new story now going live!  Vic has been making excuses and dodging his annual doctor’s appointment for a while now, and it appears his wife is fed up.  She’s made an after-hours appointment with someone new, and there’s no getting out of it.

Things take a pleasant turn when sexy Dr. Washington reveals that his check-up isn’t the only thing on his wife’s agenda.

Hot interracial threesome action now available for your reading pleasure at SOL, and in the queue at Lush and Lit.  I’ll update with the links here as they go live.

Now live on Lush:

And finally, live on Literotica:

And another new story live.

Just posted a rare romantic ( but still naughty ) short story to Lush.  Two lovers separated by a pandemic find a way to stoke the fires of their intimacy despite the distance between them.

Go give “Closing the Distance” a read and a vote, won’t you?